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  1. Hi MaLd0n, I am suffering from random reboots and some has said that  'The errors are caused by mismatch between OEM tables, DSDT override and Clover patching'

    Can you help me generate a DSDT.aml for my system? Other than the reboots, my system is working fine.


    Here is a link to my files.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dve426h6sjr0tp/Diags.zip?dl=0


    Thank you.

  2. Hi MaLd0n, good news, since updating to 10.13.4 no more freezing, I changed my SMBIOS to 18,2. Since updating though, I notice today I have USB port problem. I tried implementing fix, but it does not recognize an external Pioneer BDL drive that my MBP sees or an external drive, this is plugging into USB ports at the front of the tower, rear do not work either. Here is a link to my clover folder.


    Thank you!

  3. Hey MaLd0n thanks for the files. When testing this machine with just one monitor it was fine, when I plug in my three it froze when I was viewing movie covers in plex. Do you think maybe I need a custom DSDT for my three monitors? I am just using one monitor now plugged into DP, but I use two more usually, one in HDMI and one in DVI.

  4. Hey MaLdon I did a fresh install and everything seems to be working ok even sleep although I let the computer sleep overnight, this morning it was on and when I tried to login the screen came up, let me log in, but then went black and came back to login, the same thing happened each time I tried to login. Can you look at my files please?


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7q23g7f15n3w7kw/diag files.zip?dl=0

  5. That did not help, I get the same behaviour which is two of my three monitors come active but they are both black screens, only way to get in is to reboot and disable the web drivers in clover options on boot.


    Also now my audio is not working, not sure why.


    I just noticed that the fans on the Nvidia card are not spinning which is odd.

  6. I swapped out my AMD card for my Nvidia 960 but had to install the Nvidia web drivers with my AMD card installed. Now when I boot with my 960 I can't get into my system without disabling the web drivers in clover options, otherwise I get a black screen at boot. I had RadeonDeInit turned on in my config.plist but its turned off now.


    What do I need to do to get the Nvidia card working properly?

  7. I am convinced that my AMD card was causing the freezing and I have put my Nvidia GTX 960 back in my system. I had to install the Nvidia web drivers (161) in my system with the AMD card installed as I couldnt get it to boot otherwise. Now with the Nvidia card installed the web drivers are not detecting the card. Is there something i need to do with my config.plist to make it work?

  8. Ok that worked, I was able to boot up, I am typing this from my main system now. Do you still want me to run the kext utility or just get you new dumps?


    Thank you for what we have accomplished so far, I appreciate it.