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  1. 10.5 installation issues kalyway

    Hi, I had the same problem, burning a new DVD solved it. But then I tried to installed again and got the same error. I guess it has to do with the DVD drive and not your main hardware. I say this because I have a harddrive with a working 10.5 install and I use that to install to another drive over and over again with no errors, just mounting the image (dmg) and choosing the target. I have 4 SATA drives and a IDE DVD. Not sure if that's the problem (IDE+SATA). Also, try to keep your mouse moving from time to time during the installation so the HD won't sleep (read this in another thread). I now have a Firewire drive with 10.5 and I use that to install to other HDs. Good luck, Trico
  2. Hi all, Just installed Kalyway 10.5.1 + 10.5.2 Update and it's working fine... (see sig.) Only selected EFI_GUID (on SATA HD), nothing else. Tried MBR and GUID on IDE and it wouldn't boot. Everything seems to be working fine, except a few minor details...no QE (GMA 915GV), iWork won't work properly, VLC crashes right away, Screensavers don't work. On the other hand, LAN and Audio working fine, Firewire and USB2 (both PCI cards) working fine (including iSight) ... Like I said, just selected GUID at install and nothing else. Audio didn't work at first but after 10.5.2 update it's working fine. Didn't mess with BIOS, my previous settings worked fine (had 10.4.10 before). If someone with a similar board is having problems, feel free to ask, I'll be glad to help, or as least, try to... Best luck to all, Trico UPDATE: Reinstalled with a new Asus EN7300GS, just checked the correct driver, QE/CI out of the box, screensavers now working fine and so is VLC.
  3. Anyone use iSight on x86 tiger?

    iSight working fine here, plugged to a pci firewire card.
  4. Hello, As you can see in my signature, I have firewire working just fine along with an iSight and 3G iPod 40GB.
  5. Firewire boot advice

    @BugsBunny Hi, My internal drive has only one partition (10.4.8). My external drive has two, the first with 10.4.4 and the second is also HFS+ (used to backup purposes).
  6. Hello, I have a 20D and 17-40 F4 L + 70-200 F4 L + 85 F1.8. I love all three and I very happy with them. If you're looking for a fast, sharp prime, the 85 is a great choice.
  7. Firewire boot advice

    Hello, I got an external firewire enclosure and installed osx86 on it (I also have it on my internal hd). It's connected through a cheapo pci firewire card. I can boot from it with boot options: mach_kernel rd=disk1s1 Hope this helps
  8. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Working great here. 10.4.8, iTunes 7.0.1, QT 7.1.3, Aperture 1.5 and so on.
  9. Hi all, I got a perfect 10.4.8 installation on my combo. Everything is working just fine, Aperture 1.5 included. I've got an Asus P5GV-MX + Asus AX300SE PCI-E graphics card. After updating to 10.4.8 I found that I can get dual display (Monitor+TV-Out) using the PCI card (I've always used the internal VGA). I couldn't get dual display in 10.4.7 (hence using the internal VGA, all resolutions available, CI/QE, 1280x1024, etc). The problem is that the image on TV is fine (1024x768) but in monitor is all streched (big black border on bottom). Anyone got anything similar? Thanks in advance Trico (Portugal)
  10. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Hi all, Just updated with Jas 10.4.8 Update for SSE3 Intel. Everything is working just fine. For the record: - Asus P5GV-MX - Celeron D336 2.8 Thank you JaS :-)
  11. There are so many options...

    Hi, First post from Portugal I've just installed 10.4.4 (Maxxuss Patch) on my new P5GV-MX with Celeron D 336 2.8. Everything works just fine. Only problem was with PS2 keyboard, had to use a USB one. I´m a Mac user, so I just picked up an old keyboard from my previous Mac. This combo is pretty fast with my configuration (1GB Ram). I have a iMac Dual Core 1.8 with 2GB Ram and I can't tell the difference using common tasks like using Safari and the built in apps. Trico