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  1. Any news on this bug ? I still can't boot into UEFI mode
  2. Wow it's gonna be one of those threads !!!
  3. Hello, today I made a USB pendrive with Clover bootloader in order to install OSX Sierra on my PC on a separate Hardisk. I made this pendrive on a virtual machine because it was the only way for me to do so, since my old MacBook 13" 5,1 isn't able to download Mac OS Sierra from the App Store (it says that it is unsupported and it doesn't download at all, the latest stable OSX I can use without issues on that MacBook is Mavericks). On the first PC reboot, I could use Clover off my USB stick without problems, pressing F12 at POST, I chose "UEFI:Sony Mass Storage" and it started, I then proceeded and installed OSX on an hardisk on which I previously prepared a Mac OS Journaled partition with Disk Utility. It installed successfully, took around 15 or so minutes, and then it automatically restarted... and it restarted straight on Windows 7, as then I thought "What the hell ?" I shut down, restarted my PC, pressed F12 at POST and BAM... There isn't "UEFI: Sony Mass Storage" anymore and instead there are TWO "Mac OS X" boot options, none of which seems to work, both of them just say "Missing Operating System" when I try to boot them disabling my SSD. I even tried to make the USB pendrive all over again from the virtual machine, erased it, used Clover bootloader hoping to get Clover back, but no, I still get two "Mac OS X" boot options along my SSD, other hardrives and the DVD drive, but I don't see "UEFI:Sony Mass Storage" anymore, I don't even see "Sony Mass Storage" at all, it's like it isn't bootable anymore, even though I remade it again... I can't even use EasyUEFI from Windows because it's not UEFI-installed (I don't even know what that means... I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 here on my SSD, I dunno how to make it a "UEFI-Windows installation")... Please help, I don't know what happened, why I can't UEFI boot on that pendrive anymore to see Clover and boot the fresh Mac installation on that hardisk... I can't use Final Cut on the virtual machine, it's too laggy and a lot of other Mac-only programs crash. Ah yes, I also tried to clear the CMOS, load optimized BIOS defaultts and other stuff...
  4. Come installare Yosemite su macchina virtuale ?

    Ho appena finito di scaricare Yosemite dall' appstore sul macbook, però si è aperta in automatico la schermata di installazione e non posso neanche chiuderla. Che devo fare ora ?
  5. Come installare Yosemite su macchina virtuale ?

    Lo sto scaricando (3 ore rimanenti), poi cosa devo fare ?
  6. Come installare Yosemite su macchina virtuale ?

    Bene... e come ? Come faccio a fare un supporto di installazione di Yosemite sulla chiavetta con clover (bootloader) senza avere Yosemite ?
  7. Come installare Yosemite su macchina virtuale ?

    Certo, i miei componenti hardware sono i seguenti: Scheda grafica nVidia GeForce GTX 970 (MSI Armored x2); Scheda madre MSI Z97 Gaming 7; CPU: Intel i7 4790K @4.00 GHz (non ancora overcloccato); RAM: 12 GB DDR3 @600 MHz; Come creo il supporto di installazione dal macbook ? Lì ho Mavericks, quando ho provato ad installarci Yosemite si è inchiodato tutto ed ho dovuto riformattarlo...
  8. Salve, come da titolo vorrei sapere tutta la procedura ed il rispettivo materiale per installare Yosemite (hack) prima su VMWare e poi, con clover ed altra roba varia, su un hardisk. Questo perché il mio MacBook non è abbastanza potente ed installando Yosemite qui sul PC, potrei finalmente usare iStopMotion e Final Cut Pro come si deve. (Anche lasciandolo soltanto sulla macchina virtuale e poi passarlo su un hardisk in un secondo tempo).