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  1. My system is working when I restored the smbios.plist from my old system. Not sure why this is apparently so important, but graphics worked after moving it into place (graphicsenabler=y in boot.plist). Also, I was able to get my PCI ethernet card working by using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to install the official RTL8169 drivers. Sound works after I moved AppleHDA.kext and ALC* to /System/Library/Extensions
  2. Thanks for the guide. It got me to a point where I have a fresh semi-working install of 10.7 on my UD3P. However, my 9800 GTX and Ethernet cards are not working (onboard and my PCI RTL8169). It seems that the built in card isn't recognized at all and the PCI card doesn't have sensing capabilities. It won't detect when a cord is connected/disconnected, and I've seen it grab a private 169.* address. For the graphics card I have tried my old DSDT.aml and the one included in this thread (as of 07/17). Any pointers to get my graphics working? Right now I have a USB ethernet adapter, so that is a decent work around. EDIT: No idea whats going on here, when I restore my Extra folder from snow leopard, my graphics card works?
  3. The adapter that I was using was actually manufactured by a company called "Airlink". I checked the frys.com website and did not see the product. But try that TrendNET, I think the hardware that comprises these adapters is common and used throughout the industry. I'm confident it will work on your Hackintosh. So with that being said, I actually went out and got a differnet motherboard. I purchased the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard. I have been VERY happy with this board thus far and have noticed better boot times and over all improved performance in my Hackintosh. Most interesting is that I dropped in my Netgear GA311 card (rtl8169) and it works with NO problems! I haven't had a drop yet, however I must say, I have not yet done a real true stress test. I plan on testing it further this weekend. Currently I'm testing the ability for my new motherboard to overclock my E6850 chip. Right now I have it bumped up from 3.0ghz to 3.6ghz with no problems in stability. Very cool. Anyways, in short I ditched my XPS 720/680i board and got a new one, so hopefully this thread is over for me. If i notice any network drop outs with my new setup, I'll be back! -drew
  4. Just checking back in. I noticed that you guys have a P5N-E SLI, that appears to have the Nvidia 650i chipset. I have a Dell XPS 720 which has the 680i (i think?) chipset. I think its chipset related possibly? Anyways, I gave up on the PCI ethernet route and went with a 7 dollar USB adapter from Fry's. OS X recognized this adapter out of the box and I have not had a single network problem since installing it. It's speed is 100MB, so while not ideal, it does at least work.
  5. I am also experiencing this problem with dropped network connectivity. I have tried: * RTL8139 * RTL8169 Both of these cards fail for me after some "heavy" network usage. I have tried three different drivers with my RTL8169. I saw no difference between the Apple and the official driver from Realtek. I saw a difference when I tried out pystar's 1.8.1 RTL1000 driver... I found that the connection consistently drops out after just a small bit of traffic. Also I have noticed the problem is "less" prevalent when using the 9.5.0 VooDoo kernel (on my XxX 10.5.6).. I have a Nvidia 680i if that is of any interest.. For now I have a USB 100MB/Sec adapter that I am going to stress test over night. By the way a great utility to use in your testing is called "iperf" runs on windows, linux and mac os x.. basically you setup a iperf server on another computer and then connect to it from your mac. you can really stress the hell out of your network connection... jperf is a good front end (google this stuff to find it)
  6. Dell XPS 720 w/nforce 680i

    My Dell XPS 720 works well enough. I installed using a USB dvd drive, XxX 10.5.6.. All is working well, including my Nvidia 9800GTX However network consistently drops the connection under "heavy" load. I have tried a RTL8139 and RTL8169 card, with the same problem. It seems the connection will "last" longer when i am using the 9.5.0 VooDoo kernel. any ideas on the ethernet dropping issue? I am going to try a USB ethernet adapter this evening thanks
  7. Kalway 10.5.2 Network Issues RLT8169S Help

    ugh.. I am having precisely this same problem on my Dell XPS 720 I have 10.5.6 running and EVERYTHING is working with the exception of this ethernet problem. I have tried an older RTL8139 and new GA311 (RTL8169) both cards exhibit the same behavior, ethernet dies off after some time.... has anyone more information on this issue?