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  1. HP ENVY - 15-as133cl - MacOs High Sierra

    Could you please share your EFI or Kexts use in order to make this computer work ? I been trying to install on this computer , but foursome reasons the graphics are not letting me in to the installation It would be great to hear the way you made it work , thanks
  2. Thanks Maldon , will try it ...
  3. Hi thanks for all the help , I already solved this issue by : 1.- Deleting the web drivers 2.- then Enabling SIP thru Clover by changing the config.plist ..... under Rt Variables Values : BooterConfig 0x0. - CsrActiveConfig 0x0 3.- Install web drivers again , it will ask if you want to accept for the Nvidia drivers to be active =yes 4.- Restart computer 5.- Everything works normal again Thanks for all the help found in this forum
  4. I get black screen .... tried the AGDPFix app and nothing works ... it worked on 10.13.2. and below
  5. Hi , I have update 10.13.3 (17D47) , I would like to know if there is any fix or solution to get my GPU( Nvidia GForce 970) to work again ? I am using Mac Pro 6.1 plist and I have tried all the patches and SIP enable or disabled with no success , tried older patched Webdrivers and no joy .... I appreciate any help ,,, thanks
  6. Hi Jason , I will upload all my files and configurations later this week , I updated to 10.13.3 and having issues with graphics and Nvidia web drivers , but this update works also in my system ,,,
  7. Hi MaLdon , when the boot manager comes on , it only allows you to chose EFI Hard Drive EFI Hard Drive 1 EFI Hard Drive 2 If I put USB installation drive back in , it boot up the H Sierra 10,13
  8. sorry , gentleman , If I don't press anything I just get a blank screen , no boot up . still the only way to boot is to use Installation USB , not sure what else to do ....
  9. Hi MaLdon , thanks for your willingness to help me , I tried your easy instructions , unfortunately it did not work , replaced clover folder and the Aptiofix2Drv but all I got was a black screen , then I tried with out the GTX 970 card using integrated card and got this message on picture
  10. Hi , I need some help , and I appreciate on all the help I can get , I was able to install High Sierra on SSD drive with APFS format , I am able to install latest Clover 4339 , but for some reason disk won't boot with out the Installation USB to be able to boot up , SSD drive shows a different drive partitions , these partitions are , Preboot, Recovery, VM and the HS 10.13 , maybe the reason it won't boot , apparently the EFI partition is on a different part ( disk1s1 ) ? The rest of partition were made in disk2s1, disk2s2, disk2s3, disks24, not sure why all of these partitions were made when the iOS was installed . I have an ASRock motherboard EP2C602-4L/D16 with dual Xeon E5 cpus, 128 gigs of memory and GeForce GTX 970 for video , Attached are all the pictures of the info on partitions , I was not able to upload the clover folder , I am using MacPro 6.1 config.plist, everything works great , I just can't boot with out the installation USB Thanks for your time .... Clover_Install_Log.txt
  11. I use an ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 motherboard with dual E5 2670 v2 , I have 128GB of ram , and a GTX 970 GPU, , USB audio since no audio is on the board , I use a USB3 Card , no USB 2 on Sierra , I had USB2 working on Yosemite , they don't work on Sierra anymore , I am still learning and tuning this machine , I have a Geekbench of 30550, I am sure we could make it higher , so this motherboard might work for you ... I also have a Asus Z9PA-D8 but it never posted
  12. I was able to install sierra , got graphics working only with the USB installer on , if I remove Installer USB I get no graphics , I will continue to experiment with it , also , I was not able to get the wi-fi to work ,
  13. Anybody tried to install Sierra ? I was able to install sierra , but after the set up and second reboot I get black screen , I tried to change all of the nVidia graphics kexts but no luck , tried different Config.plists also , nothing ..... any ideas ?
  14. it works , thanks Polizargone, now graphic are working.
  15. Unable to get graphics card working it says " version no compatible" GPU is an Nvidia 750Ti