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  1. InX

    Umid mBook BZ

  2. Is it possible o use any of these pocketable hackintosh computers to boot as Mac and do presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 via VGA video out? Thanks.
  3. InX

    Umid mBook BZ

    Any updated possibility to use the Umid mBook for PowerPresentations booting as Mac? Thanks.
  4. Can it be used for PowerPoint presentations via the VGA? Thanks.
  5. InX

    Umid mBook BZ

    Perhaps using the GMA500 Kext from ryuu123? Thanks.
  6. Amazing. Can it be used to boot as Mac for PowerPoint presentations using the VGA port? Thanks.
  7. InX

    Umid mBook BZ

    Any chance to use it for PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) created on a Mac, booting the Umid mBook BZ as Mac and connecting it to videoprojector via VGA? Thanks.
  8. InX

    Umid mBook BZ

    Is it possible to hack the Umid mBook BZ to run Mac on it? Thanks.
  9. Is it possible to use the Sony Vaio P to boot as Mac and do PowerPoint presentations via VGA projector, using a USB-based remote control to manage the presentation? Thanks.
  10. Umid mBook BZ with Mac OS X for PowerPoint presentations? I am searching for the lightest and smallest Mac. Because the MacBook Air is too heavy (1.3 kg) and large (not pocketable). I think that such machine is the Umid mBook BZ. Is it possible to install Mac OS X on the Umid mBook BZ (weights just 363 g and is pocketable) and use it for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (using the VGA adapter) with Office 2004 for Mac? http://www.dynamism.com/umid-mbook-bz.shtml http://www.pocketables.net/2010/01/unboxin...d-mbook-bz.html Thanks.
  11. Is it possible to use the Sony Vaio P for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (VGA video-out) using Office 2004 for Mac? Thanks.
  12. InX

    os x on a htc shift

    Any news on installing Mac on the HTC Shift? Thanks.
  13. Many thanks for this great thread. I want to install Mac OS X on the Sony Vaio P. Is it possible to do it keeping the Windows already installed on the machine? Is it possible a dual boot (Mac or Windows) from the same internal disk? Which is the best way to do it now? Thaks again.
  14. Wow!!! Remarkable!!! Does it run PowerPoint 2004 on Mac for presentations via VGA? Does it play QuickTime video on Mac for presentations via VGA? Thanks!