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  1. @nullspot: I have looked through my BIOS and I can only find the option thats soemthing in the nature of enable VCore, which is set to auto, and when i enter into that, it gave me a lonnnng list of decimals ranging from soemthing like 0.5~~~~ to 6.~~~~~, is that the option you were referring to? and if it is, what did you set it at? my cpu is running at 6 to 10 degrees lower than before when i used ur dsdt of 920chip, but it is still hovering around 50ish. (48 to 54 Celsius to be exact). lowering the temp to the upper 30s and lower 40s would be soooo perfect for me. thank you so much for your effort on dsdt for the 920 chip, I really appreciate it. EDIT: I've gotten my network running on 64bit as well, awesome job.
  2. Hi Mackilroy, I did realize the ram came in trips, so in my pursue of finding a solution, I have taken out one stick of ram, and still only 2 gigs were recognized. It is posible that my ram might be faulty, I will check with my supplier this weekend. I do just want to confirm that when you said all 6 gigs of ram were recognized, you do mean that in activity monitor, it is showing 6 gigs? Also, I know wer are running 2 quite different mobo and cpu, but what is your average temp of cpu?
  3. Hi Phorte, I have a very similar setup as you do, ex58a-UD3R, Reve 2, i7 920. Sleep is also an issue, though not on the very top of the list. My problem is that I have 8 gigs of ram, under 32 bit (so that I can have network recognized), my system can only recognize 2 gigs of ram (check under both iStat widget and Activity Monitor) regardless of what "About This Mac" sez, and when I switched to 64 bit, I get 4 gigs of ram working. Another major issue I have is that in iStat, my CPU temp ranges around 54 C and peaked at 64 C. I am wondering what is your situation, have you noticed the same issue? And what is ur CPU temp? I work on photoshop with very large files (most of time around 700 mb files, and quite often file size hopped over 1 gig), working with 2 gigs of ram slows the system significantly, and at high temp cpu, the system might run a tap slower. please shine some light on me. Thank you.
  4. Hi, @Dajjal: Thank you so much for your installer, I really appreciate your help I just ran into some other question while im doing the install. I have the X58A board, in my DSDT, i dont have Device (PX40), is that normal? should I add it in somewhere? or should I just ignore it? also, the steps after fixing fakesmc, I have no idea where to find the appropriate lines, what files are they in? still part of fakesmc? In the instruction, stated GOTO AZAL, what is that? also, Goto OperationRegion, what is that? thank you in advanced for your help. also, which lines are for audio, sleep and graphic card?
  5. I feel so embarrassed for asking this, since everyone tried your method didnt have this problem. I am stucked on the 2nd step where I have to install Asere BLN v1.1.9 . I have downloaded the file, but when i unzipped it, there are all these files with out an extension of any sort. How am I suppose to install Asere BLN? should i install chameleon first then somehow replace the boot files in the zip into the extra folder? Please help.
  6. have you tried using OrangeIconFix.kext in your E/E folder? it should be in Support File v 1.0/part4/3/kexts/for 10.6.0
  7. Hi, I have q9550 as well, I have just looked under system profiler and ran geekbench, both indicate that the CPU is running at 2.67GHz. I just done the installation 2 days ago, so my cham is up to date (2010-01-10). this whole dsdt, cham setup, and whatever that add to the completion of my snow is very foreign to me, it was monkey see, monkey do for me, but I hope I can help in any way Edit: I just updated my dsdt file, replacing scope PR from mm67, and I still have 2.67GHz showing both in about this mac and in geekbench.
  8. So i have looked under gigabyte's website, pulled up a few ep45 boards, apparently, all the ones i've looked at, DS3L, DS3LR, DS3P, and DS3R, all updated their max ram capacity to 16 gigs, but as Z4g0r have mentioned, they have to be 1.8v. I could have swore that this info wasnt there when I was making a choice as to which board to buy. So this probly means I have to flash my Mobo sometime soon if i want to use more than 4 gigs of ram. thank you all for the input. EDIT: the difference I saw within these 4 mobos are DS3L and DS3LR have ALC888 audio, and the other 2 have 889 audio. Other than the L mobo, the other 3 all have firewire connection.
  9. As i was trying to download all the files from your first page, i realized that because of my location, and my isp, i do not access to either mediafire nor filefactory, is it posible that you can have a rapidshare link? much appreciated
  10. Did you get your audio to work? I just put together a Hackintosh with ex58-ud3r board. I went through a different method to get it working, though you might try to use the kext that i used to get the audio going. What i did was I used the audio kext from the current hackintosh that im using, which also uses ACL888. it got my audio working, and hope it will for you as well. alc888_audio_kext.zip
  11. Hello everyone, I have 10.5.7 on ep45 board based on blackos' original thread, and looking to do some upgrade. This might have been mentioned in the previous 99 pages of this thread, but could anyone of you tell me if 8g of ram would be recognized? I remember in blackos' previous guide of 10.5.7, someone put in 8g of ram and it would either cause KP or not all the rams were recognized. The reasoning behind it as I vaguely remembered, was b/c this board only support up to 4g for most ram manufacturer? was that fixed? thanx in advance.
  12. I am wondering if all 12g of the RAMs are recognized. The last time i was trying to build my hack, i have seen reports where KP or some sort of error would occur when more than 4g of RAM is inserted into the slot, then again, it might just be the problem with the MB (I was reading about GA-EP45-DS3L)
  13. I tried to install windows 7 (RTM version 7600), and stuck at selecting a partition to install windows on. keeps on getting the error msg saying "windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk is of the GTP partition style) I have had 3 partitions made when i first setup my osx, (Chameleon, OSX, Windows), after i did some googleing, I read at some forum here on insanely that windows 7 must be installed on the one of the first 3 partitions of the HDD. and so i OSX. if the hidden EFI is the first, then my windows 7 drive is out of the boundary. I guess this sort of answered my own question few post ago where i asked if i can forget about the efi and just use Chameleon drive for boot.
  14. @clamoure you are the 3rd person on this forum that ran into the problem of bootdisk not able to pick up the installation partition, would you mind share you system specs? maybe we can find a common point which can help us to figure out whats wrong. @blackosx my system is running fine after i followed your instructions, however, my optical drive is not recognized as a cd burning device. right now, i am using a usb burner to write dvd and cds, do you have any clue as to what caused this
  15. just skimmed through your duel boot pdf file, and looks very promising, will def give it a try later after work. quick question, i have put all the chameleon files in the chameleon partition, as you instructed in your previous osx pdf, does that mean i can ignore most of the teminal command steps listed in your duel boot pdf? thanks in advance.