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    Shared Memory NVIDIA Cards

    If you just wanted the proper resolution, then you can just edit the apple boot and input whatever resolution your display is. Worked for me
  2. I feel like such a champ you wouldn't believe Running in safe mode? (-x, -v, cpus=1) No Sound, Video is a bit choppy, and only running in 1024x768 I Can't remember which drivers i used but, I used the AMD, Voodoo, NVIDIA patch I kept getting stuck at the sbin/ocspd line during the boot, so I removed NVKUSH and NVINJECT Here are my specs HP G50 - 201 CA Motherboard is a Wistron 360a (found in most budget Compaqs and Hp's) I had to use these two in order for it to install Hard Drive (EXTERNAL) USB FANTOM 1TB Partitioned off 100GB for use with OSX Optical Drive EXTERNAL LG DVD Lightscribe writer. Processor Speed 2.1GHz Processor Type AMD Sempron SI-42 RAM 2.5 ghz (Exp. To 4GB) Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 8200M Integrated Video Memory Yes Native Screen Resolution 1280 x 800 Audio Chipset Altec Lansing