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  1. I managed to get sound up and running (mostly) well using toleda's patch from here, but after installing, I'm running into a bit of an annoyance. The primary output is detected as an Internal Speaker, and when I use it, I do get sound, but it's incredibly quiet. I have to max out my speakers to their greatest volume to hear it at "regular" volume, and the only way I can find to fix it is to plug my speakers into one of the other ports (for example, the center/subwoofer port) and designate the associated Line Out option as the default audio output. This works beautifully in OS X and allows it to play things at the expected volume, but booting back into Windows, it's treated as the subwoofer/center port, rather than a stereo audio port. Is there any way to fix the "Internal Speaker" option to provide regular levels of volume? If it helps, I'm using the ALC1500 codec (Layout 1). My board is an MSI Z97 Series 5.