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  1. OS X Annoyances

    Things that annoys me in OS X (Warning: This is a noob point of view)+(Poor English) Note: My OS X experience is based only on iATKOS v5i Hackintosh.. So I don't really have a full Mac experience until I get my macbook.. which is my dream laptop.. The zoom button (the green button) -I can't make the finder window fill the screen like in windows explorer. Where I can see a lot of folders and items in 1 view.. Guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it.. Resizing window -There is only one point where I can click in order to resize the finder window, that is in the bottom right corner.. While I'm still used to Windows that allows you to resize the explorer window from any edges of the window.. The Preview -Clicked on 1 image file in the pictures folder, which contains almost a 100 pics.. it only shows the picture that I selected.. unlike in windows photo viewer it shows the current pic, and I can also move to the previous or next photo within the folder.. (But I didn't try iPhoto yet, which is not included in iATKOS v5.. So I don't really have experience on photo managing on macs) Other than the Above -Great having no problems so far.. I love it just like I loved windows.. I loved both of the OSes.. I'm writing this on My desktop running win *BSOD*.. Just kidding.. windows vista which I'm running for almost a year now, with no problems or viruses.. Currently running OS X 10.5.5 on my acer laptop while I'm.. (I dunno if this is the right word since my english is'nt very good) gathering money to buy a macbook.. A noob's (and a poor english speaker) opinions on Mac OS X annoyance : END
  2. I'm a noob to MacOS & Hackintoshes, but I'll try to help with the touchpad.. My touchpad can tapclick (it can't at first) after I enabled it through System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse>Trackpad Gestures I enabled the clicking and dragging.. Hope this helps..