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  1. help not here read first post please and go to support thread hi proto just to report to new release hf4 first day i get KP or black screen kp when after sleep i attach usb hd (this every time from older release.. not a problem) kp when i resize window in quicktime anyway .. random kp black screen on screen standby (not sleep) i use sleep only on closed lid now i have removed -v flag and restore virtual memory seem that my mini (equal in your older version) like it for now all stable i report to you soon great work man
  2. i have your similar system ud3p .. 1 uad1 1 uad2 and a firewire card strange that uad2 in pcie don't work.. anyway.. i have disabled hpet and pci are all working (for me only one was not working before to disable hpet) but the uad2 was working also before to disable hpet
  3. hi mrjanek regard my pci problem... when i boot from your cd the slot is seen by system from Extra not.. i don't understand why SOLVED!!! disable HPET and 2nd pci slot ok
  4. i don'think is apple problem that dismiss some hardware the same card placed in the other pci slot is ok the problem is that i have two pci card ..one firewire card and one audio card first slot (at the end of Mobo) is ok second slot not. tried the 2 card in first ok, not in second
  5. hi mrjanek i have installed last release (i think 1.6 correct? from first post) ep45 ud3p and all goes well great only three question.. open halt restart kext was not removed from last version? i have in 2nd pci slot a firewire card, and snow leopard it does not see it and a bluethooth key (digicom) they give to me of the problems, is not seen by the system on previous leopard install i have not problem with pci or external bluethooth key maybe a dsdt problem? thank you
  6. i have hf3 and no sleep problem before with hf1 hf2 no problem at all fan always on "disabled" good job proto!
  7. installed hf2 package from cd/dvd file added AppleACPI_Thermal_EC (and redone extensions.mkext) no issue here! sleep works well cpu temp is less than before (EC?) from verbose boot i see hda assertion (less than hf1) and between the first lines woodopowermini error but is still loaded boot from win7 is corrupted (will repair tomorrow with win7dvd) no problem with bootloader.. i can choose osx or win7 without to press f8 (There was a problem?) seems that all is well (except small things) good job
  8. maxtools

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    hi yes..with leopard you have wifi.. but no sound, no graphics, no sleep. and no help from anyone.. cause the 99% maybe 100% of people here are using snow leopard consider to buy a wifi card and hack the bios for remove the whitelist sorry but for leopard it's hard to help you anyway.. you can try it (tried myself .. at the first hacking, no way) ......
  9. maxtools

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    true.. in osx webcam is very dark (not useable) in win7 webcam is normal (not so good quality but useable) tested in the same room.. it's not a light problem. it's osx problem
  10. not for me... audio kext work well..
  11. internal mic (tried with logic) ok i 'have not a headset with mic (so no test) in system preferences switch from headphone to speaker report it the change increase or decrease volume now have linear sound good job..
  12. maxtools

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    try install osx with some distro like iatkos or ideneb (no worry for video and some features ) then make your usb boot and usb install delete all and reinstall snow i think that you have not read much around insanelymac there are more solution don't stop it for a cd driver
  13. sorry... but here it's not a help thread and specifically not for your laptop. RULES: 1.) ALL HELP and support requests belong in the SUPPORT thread 2.) We repeat ALL HELP and support requests belong in the SUPPORT thread 3.) Do not offer up information that is already known and listed in this top post 4.) Keep all discussion related to Snow Leopard on the HP Mini 311
  14. maxtools

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    for boot from usb key: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1370369 Some information for manage EFI partition: (from Proto old archive) type first on terminal : diskutil list (for view you EFI partition in case is not disk0s1) if you use "sudo -s " and your password don't use "sudo" in any command. for mount : sudo mkdir /Volumes/EFI sudo mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI sudo touch /Volumes/EFI/.fseventsd/no_log for umount : sudo chmod -R 755 /Volumes/EFI sudo chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/EFI sudo umount -f /Volumes/EFI sudo rm -rf /Volumes/EFI sudo fsck_hfs /dev/disk0s1
  15. N510?? Here we talk of HP mini 311!! post in a support thread please