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  1. Replacing and removing components from the apps does not work anymore in the current CC 2018 releases. While some apps can be tricked into starting up they will crash using specific functions (Trace in illustrator, Warp Stabilise in AE/PP, Adaptive Wide Angle in PS, etc) and others don't work anymore even with downgraded Camera Raw or other workarounds. I don't know if Adobe is using some very intel-specific compile options or cpu instructions but i suspect these issues will need to be fixed in the kernel. On another note: i tried the recent kernels by @Shaneee and @AlGrey and they work great - Nvidia performance is still not 100% but my GTX780 started clocking up/down properly. With the recent work done to get native USB/Bluetooth and audio working the Adobe issues are the last thing keeping me from making this machine usable for work. Thanks for the continued efforts guys! adobe-cc2018-ryzen-crashreports.updated.zip
  2. Running fine on my C6H with Ryzen 1800x and Clover 4392 (had to downgrade to .106 NV drivers due to the lag problem with .156). Still no Webcam (with/without USB Fix) and the usual Adobe-related crashes - i hope we'll find a kernel/OpEMU level fix to resolve those one day. Great work Bronya, Shane and everyone else involved!
  3. I had to remove "FastCore.plugin" and "MMXCore.plugin" to run Photoshop CC 2018, but there are many other functions in CC 2017 and CC 2018 that will crash the application, most notably the Illustrator Path Trace/Vectorise functions and AE/PP's warp stabiliser.
  4. Thanks for posting your 10.13 kernel @bronya - My system runs very smooth on my 1800x/Crosshair VI Hero (Clover r4233). Only things i noticed so far is: Graphics corruption on displayport (but not DVI) after waking the displays and neither my USB Bluetooth or Webcam are working (Webcam mic is detected though). Graphics performance is roughly the same as in 10.12 (2x GTX780 6Gb). I upgraded from 10.12.6 via USB enclosure and a Intel laptop, added the 10.13 Kernel files and ran Firewolf's utility to fix permissions and rebuild caches.
  5. @antrace, no iCloud/iMessage here either, but the eLicense installer ran fine on my system using the kernel dated June 17th (from ryzenpatcher) and Clover 4077 from the Ryzen tutorial thread. Issues i ran into: I'm having trouble running DaVinci Resolve 14 which spams my console with "HALC_ShellObject.cpp" related messages during (choppy) playback and beachballs most of the time using any newer kernels. I also got the USB webcam/bluetooth problems mentioned in this thread (with and without Shane's fix). Other than that - great work Bronya & Gigamaxx
  6. I'm on a different machine at the moment, but my Z9PE is running well at 10.12.5. This board is very picky about PCI locations, try to plug your GPU in slot 5 and make sure to add the "npci=0x2000" or "npci=0x3000" boot argument to Clover.