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  1. Recently I installed SL on an external USB hard drive, the install went better then expected, within an hour I was up and running with no issues at all. I decided to make the install a more permanent solution. (Note: The following has been done from SL running off the external drive) I followed the same instructions as I did before: http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/09/install...-pc-hackintosh/ -- With the exception I am using Chameleon RC3 (instead of RC2 included in the package) When I tried to boot into SATA drive, I just expected it to work as easily as it did after installing to my USB drive, unfortunately this was not the case. I am getting " * Device in Slot -- Slot 1 * " while attempting to boot with -x32 -v. If I use -x, the boot stals on "systemShutdown false". After researching, I attempted to also include EVOenabler.kext, but unfortunately that did not work either. Also, AHCI is on in BIOS. Is there something special that has to be done when attempting to boot from an internal drive rather then an external USB drive? I would like to believe that I am not doing something wrong as I have done the exact thing on the external drive and it is working excellent. Thank you for the help.
  2. Josh2022

    IDE vs SATA

    Is there any real difference in performance IDE vs SATA? I do not want to partition my SATA drive unless I have too, I would rather install it on an IDE hard drive, I first wanted to make sure that there would be no performance issue before doing so. By the Way, My computer specs are as follows: Dual 2.13 GHz (E6400) Conroe CPU, 250GB SATA HDD, 2GB DDR2 RAM, Radeon x1600 VC, 500W PSU -- How should it run on this setup?
  3. Josh2022

    What does this error mean?

    If it was incompadiable hardware, what piece(s) would be the most likely cause? I have some spare parts laying around.. Another HDD, Video Card, and I could swap some ram out of my roommates computer.. he'd never know..
  4. Sorry, some of the error is missing - But could this be a problem for why I cant install OSX? http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/8278/p1010029jf7.jpg I have been going on for the past 2 says, I have burnt 9 disks so far, The MD5 sums match though. Does anyone have ANY advice or help they can give me? refer to this thread for what I have done: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=37820 I have no clue why it will not install, It always errors out on Installing Essentials at between 90% and 92% -- I have applied the patch to the DVD also. The original ISO, the original Patch, and the Patched DVD.. all the md5 checksums match to what they are suppose to be. I am sure It is not a disk problem, And I dont see how it could be a disk problem.. I have burnt 4 DVD-R(Memorex) and 5 DVD+R (2 memorex, and 3 staples brand) It is not a DVD media either.. I am using Disk Utility and Toast Titanium 7 to burn them (one or the other) I burn them at the slowest speed possible, 4x. They all verify. I also let them verify on the OSX install.. they always verify. What else could my problem be?
  5. I am having some issues installing the newest DVD. I have burnt the DVD three times now, two of the three at 4x writing speed (the slowest my burner will go). I am not exactly sure when it happens, It gets back the DVD check then sometime during the install is when it happens - I did the custom install also, de-selecting everything except the essential pack. I do not believe that it is a corrupted ISO, The MD5 checksums match. I also forced a hash check on my torrent and it hashed out correctly. I am using my PM G5 Super drive to burn them, Using Toast 7 Titanium. After burning at 4x, I always let the disk verify.
  6. It is a Dell 4600: 2.4 GHz CPU, Supports SEE2(Socket 478 mPGA) Dell Motherboard, Chipset i865P/PE/G/i848P 1GB Ram 120GB IDE HDD NVidia Geforce 5500 I realize this is not the ideal machine, but In any comparison how will this machiene run with osx on it?
  7. Incoming and Outgoing connections? Like it will keep a log of all connections coming and leaving my computer? I've googled it, but have had no luck
  8. Josh2022

    Spaces in Tiger?

    I continued looking into it, I doubt it will be hacked into Tiger any time soon. Here is why. If you drag and drop "spaces" from Leopard Applications to Tiger, and then open it, It will bring up Tigers Preference Pane, But ofcourse, there is no where to modify Spaces on Tiger. Then, If you 'install' expose.Prefpane(Leopard) on to Tiger's Prefpane, It will install, on the System Prefs plane it will say "Expose and Spaces" when you goto open it though, It will not open. From what I see sofar, It is not possible to run Spaces with out the help of the Prefpane file
  9. Josh2022

    Spaces in Tiger?

    I tried messing around with it for a bit. What I see now is that it looks like the expose.prefpane file is going to need to be edited for it to work with tiger. The expose file that comes with leopard will not work with tiger, Looking at the source of it, It looks like it requires 1.5 or higher to even run and install.