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  1. does the kismac work constantly or do u have to reinstall after every reboot
  2. is there any luck with the ethernet on the d250?
  3. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    where did you find the patched kext for the intel 950?
  4. 10.5.7 Released

    I'm a noob when it comes to hackintoshes but i managed to install 10.5.6 iPC onto my computer. I did the update to 10.5.7 and it ran smoothly until it restarted. Now, im stuck on a blue screen after the apple boot screen. anyone have an idea whats going on? i have a intel 945gm(950g)
  5. to replace name of window os, do the the person above said, to change the name of osx. right click the osxhd in osx and go into get info.
  6. I currently have iPC 10.5.6 installed next to windows 7 using Chameleon 2rc1 bootloader( love the gui) I want to install linux as a triple boot without using grub and make ubuntu 8.10 bootable through chameleon. is this possible currently?
  7. OSX + Vista +Windows 7

    go on vista and download easybcd 1.7.2
  8. Darwin Bootloader

    As a default for the darwin bootloader, it waits 5 seconds and goes into the osx. otherwise, if i press it key it goes to the startup options. I am wondering if i can remove the 5 seconds and go straight to the startup options without needing to press a key. thanks
  9. Fan working too hard

    I noticed when i switch from my windows 7 to os x 10.5.6 iPC the fan runs two times faster constantly. Does anyone know a reason for this or is this normal?
  10. iAtkos v4i

    get a program called Everest
  11. what im guessing is that the update replaced most of the script made to run ur wireless. i GUESS you can if you did back up ur system or fresh install
  12. oovoo problem!

    The problem is oovoo installs and there is a login menu. BUT, when i try to login, oovoo completely disappears. nvm fixed. they had a different installer not on the website
  13. Connecting to a TV

    im using an s video right now and i got it working for windows 7. but when i switch back to os x, it doesnt detect the TV. (im dual booting)
  14. Connecting to a TV

    Is there any way to view OS X on the tv and computer at the same time? just like windows. I have iPC 10.5.6. thanks.
  15. New iPod Shuffle

    huh? nano or touch? ITS A SHUFFLE