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  1. Binge

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    i used RC5 r635 which i guess does not install a smbios.plist, in my hardware tab my 460 shows up with 1024 in memory as it should, the model idenitifier is MacPro3,1. i used tonyosx86 nivida drivers, is 17fps for Open gl in cinebench nornal for a PNY460gtx and q8200 @ 2.33 quadcore ?
  2. just a quick quesiton what is the max amount of internal hd's i can use with this board in osx ? i have my dvd connected by sata and 2 internals, can i add one more if i buy 2 hds and use them in the raid ports ?
  3. just wondering if anyone with a p5w dh deluxe has added a pci usb ? i need more than the 4 ports on the mother board and 2 on front of case.
  4. id also like to know the answer to this, which usb bluetooth dongle are you lookign at ?
  5. Binge

     - P5W DH Deluxe - [SUCCESS]

    just wondering if anyone else has kernal_task using too much cpu ? when i monitor cpu i see kernal_task at around 25%. is there any kexts i can get rid of to take care of this ?
  6. does any one out there have this board running with 8 gigs of ram in OSX ?... under system information i see 8 gigs, but under i stat menu it shows 4... im wondering if i have to change something in bios
  7. just installed XxX 10.5.6 on Asus PW5 DH deluxe, install went fine, ive tried the Yukon 88E8053 and the Marvel Skge02 i believe and it was about the same. net works fine, but seems abit slow, even with bit torrent where i usually get about 200K is down around 40-50k max. also for the XxX dics is there anyway to change startup and shutdown from Verbose to the normal boot up and shutdown screens ? thanks
  8. Binge


    what 10.5.6 disc would you guys reccomend for the K8vSE deluxe ?
  9. Hello im kind of a newb when it comes to OSx86, but recently i thought i would give it a shot. i download this 10.5.6 version http://xxx-install-disc.blogspot.com/, and have been trying to intall on my comp my specs are ; AMD 3200 ASUS K8VSE deluxe mobo, 2 gb ddr 400 mhz ram, VIA chipset, I have windows xp on my F drive, and im trying to install osx on my C drive, installation goes fine then after installation the chameleon boot loader only show the install disc again, if i dont press anything to boot from disc it just says boot1 or boot0 error. I also tried installing acronis disc director and selected the osx partition and it would just show the apple boot up screen and freeze. I have tried both journaled and extended formats in disc utlitity. if any one can suggest something, or maybe a different disc ?