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  1. Still using Snow Leopard (because its stable and everything apart from SD/Microphone works.) I have updated to Lion at one point, but it was a big laggy with animations, my GPU isn't that strong in my laptop. I haven't fully given Mountain Lion a go on it, but I've used it on a MacBook and it's slow as hell. Don't fancy that.
  2. JavaKrypt

    MacDrive in Windows 8.x: how to

    Just stumbled upon this, works flawlessly. Thanks BugsB!
  3. No body had any clue why this still happensI don't want to risk buying another drive for it to still happen. Using arch=i386 boot flag makes it with weirdly. Never had to use it.
  4. Hello, I'm not a noob to Hackintosh's, but I'm confused by why this is happening. I've setup a fool proof guide on how to setup Leopard/Snow Leopard (and have success with Lion/ML, but this is unpublished for the meantime) on my VAIO (http://www.javakrypt.com/mac). I had a failing 320GB hard drive, so I backed up what I could and tried using a Samsung 320GB drive that I used for previous backup purposes. I know this drive was working, I'd be using it for months without problems. Whenever I installed Leopard, it worked, installed Snow, I got the Waiting For Root Device error. So I decided to buy a new hard drive thinking that too was breaking. I bought a 320GB Toshiba drive, tried to use it the first day, got the same outcome. Boots with Leopard, Root Device error with Snow. I'm actually using Leopard which is on the new Toshiba 320GB drive right now to type this. Now here's the more confusing part, following my own guide, as I have done using my other drives, I can install Snow and Leopard, and get them to boot, using a very old 80GB drive that originally came with this laptop (it's nearing 6 years old.) So I know it's not the guide, or the kext downloads on my server. If I -v I see lots of errors about not being able to allocate or load certain kexts (most to do with SMBIOSEFI, AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext etc.) I've tried using other boot flags to no avail. But I shouldn't HAVE to use those. Anyone have any idea why this happens?
  5. JavaKrypt


    When I had this error inside Snow Leopard, all I did was delete the Ethernet device from Network, reboot, readd it.
  6. JavaKrypt

    GMA950 27a2 Vaio UX,TX ( IT'S WORKING NOW )

    Just wanted to say I used these kexts, and they worked, but QE/CI was not. I got them working by using the standard 10.6.6 kexts, and I think from this thread, the Buffer.kext. I also added <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>GraphicsEnabler=Yes</string> to my com.apple.Boot.plist file. And bam, works. I've uploaded them here. Archive.zip
  7. JavaKrypt

    [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    Marvell Yukon 88E8056 - Works in Leopard and Snow Leopard 10.6.2, but when I updated to 10.6.6, I lost sound and networking.
  8. Try replacing the original ApplePS2Keyboard.kext inside the PlugIns folder inside ApplePS2Controller.kext. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=191609 check this thread too.
  9. What system are you using and what build? It works fine for me with a bit of altering to how it's loaded. Proof: http://www.javakrypt.com/mac/snow/ - go to the mouse section. Download the ApplePS2Controller.kext if you don't have a back up, it's the original one.
  10. I'm setting up a guide on my website, I'll try and get it up within the week. Including for Leopard. But I don't have a working 10.6.3, only up to 10.6.2 for now. Working on the update. I'll email you the link when I put it up. For any others interested, it's here: http://www.javakrypt.com/mac/
  11. JavaKrypt

    Intel GMA950 - Snow Leoard

    Really doubt you will get rotation working with it, it would have to be coded into the driver for your specific computer. Rotation does work with external Mac displays after I just did a bit of research on the matter, but not really with hackintosh's. Try reading this thread http://www.mydellmini.com/forum/general-ma...ow-leopard.html
  12. Can someone upload a Kext for this somewhere else? I can't seem to download any kexts/images inside this thread, all returning a dead link. I have this inside OSx86 tools "View PCI/Vendor information" edit:/ I don't have the original kext there, I'm on Snow Leopard. Okay, managed to finally download them, but they don't cause panic or work. Installing the one in the very first post did cause me to restart after booting again, I got the error with the big power button. So I did, rebooted again, nothing happened. Everything was the same as before. So I installed the modded one "iopccard21modded.zip" inside this thread, this changed what I get on output through "sudo dmesg | grep PC", I got this: This used to display more of these formats, usually about 4 - from the looks of it they seemed to be showing the same thing. So now it shows just the one set. But no PC Card reader. Okay, I've gone through this thread up until roughly page 12 downloading and installing all the IOPCCardFamily.kexts that are on the posts, they all don't work. They don't cause panic (I got it once but it went after booting up again) I think tried adding the memory ranges to the Info.plist files on ADP2,1 (as many others have done), but I also added it to PowerBook 5,1. Both don't make a difference. I get this error on verbose: IOPCCardBridge::getOFConfigurationSettings: failed to configure the machine I don't know what it wrong? Hex maybe? I'm using a Vaio VGN-N11M/W. I have everything else working (since this resembles a MacBook that was released a while ago), I just would like this to work and my keyboard fully.
  13. JavaKrypt

    Intel GMA950 - Snow Leoard

    Your menu bar is translucent, therefore Quartz and Core Image are working, Snow Leopard doesn't display any information regarding Quartz and CI inside System Profiler like Leopard did, because ALL Macs support QE/CI, so Apple decided to leave that information out.