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  1. install problem with the PPF4

    OK i am now so far that i can open the install DVD with pacifist. but still i cannot find the applePS2: touchpad synaptics 6.2. by the install it works but after that it fails... no keyboard no touchpad nothing... thanks for the help in advanced...
  2. hi people, i got the following problem, i installed the first rev of osx86. with this install i had the dmg kernel panic (seatbelt problem) now i donwloaded the new version online IPC mac os X 10.5.6 PPF4. the problem now is the keyboard and the synaptics touchpad. in the first release everything was working but now it is not. is there any way to take the old drivers from the first release dvd and install it on myn's now? because the DVD when opens only has a install file and a readme. is it possible to extract the kext files from the first DVD? thanks for the help in advanced..
  3. hey thanks for the support, it works now just fine. thanks in advanced man.
  4. Thanks man for the support... i got it finnaly working now. altrough i also have another little problem. the problem was that i after sudo -s he asked for a password. here i pressed just enter and that was the wrong part. after entering my owne password it worked fine. my other problem is my terrible bad connection on LAN. my uploads on MSN are low, and if i watch youtube or anything my connection even hangs. i need a reboot to get it working again. in networks i also see there is no cable connected, but i get a DHCP adress :S but all normal download (http, update, mail) there is no loss of connection, even with high speeds (30Mbit). but the further i come the more i like mac os X...
  5. hey dude. i found your comment on a issue with diskimagemounter on hackintosh. i have exactly the same problem with my hackintosh. i already have the 10.5.5 seatbelt.kext on de desktop but by some of the commands i type in terminal i get error's sudo -s mkdir /backup/Seatbelt cd /System/Library cp -r Extensions/seatbelt.kext /backup/Seatbelt/seatbelt.kext cp -r ~/Desktop/seatbelt.kext Extensions/seatbelt.kext on this one i get error's (permission denied) chmod -R 755 Extensions/ on this one i get Operation not permitted chown -R root:wheel Extensions/ this one works touch Extensions/ touch: Extensions/: Permission denied rm -Rf Extensions.mkext rm: Extensions.mkext: Permission denied diskutil repairpermissions / Started verify/repair permissions on disk disk2s2 MACSYS [ | 0%..10%..20%......................................... ] can you please help me with this because with me also mounting a dmg gives me a kernel panic.