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  1. That's out of how many people that are actually on the forum? 5%? 10%? Also, consider the title of that thread. it asked for people who ARE ordering a new intel mac, so naturally most people who are NOT ordering one will not participate in the discussion, hence the low number of people not intending to buy one. Just interested, are you among the 36 people going to buy one? Did the 'try' osx first and buy later theory work on you?
  2. People forget this line of argument for pirated software applies to a software company (Microsoft) while apple makes their profit on hardware. Pirated OSX leads to potential loss of sales for apple. How does pirating OSX actually help sales of apple product? If you have pirated OSX that means they don't get a hardware sale, and you can't even make the argument of "they can sell the OS and i'll buy it" because you won't, you've pirated it. How is this good for apple? Explain? If you have used the DEV dvd and like the OS, that's great. But don't try to legitimise it so that you can feel like you've done right.
  3. Where did you read this? URL? The only people so far that has access to it are ppl at WWDC right? Most professionals who buy these are not 'ppc guys', they just want a machine that works faster so they can be more efficient. The number of actual 'ppc guys' or people that cares about what cpu architecture goes into the mac are few and far between in the existing mac demographic. I think they haven't lost any customer faith and i think the new macbook will sell as quickly as apple can make them. I mean, dual core machine with extras like isight at the same price? No customer faith lost here! That argument makes no sense. You're complaining about 1st rev hardware being unproven and untested? Thanks for pointing that out captain obvious! There is always going to be 1st rev hardware, but before they put it out to the general public they will QC it and do everything possible to make sure it works. Not that fast? The laptop is based on Yonah, the fastest X86 laptop chip there is! I think your whole argument boils down to you not being able to afford the macbook and would rather hack around to get it working on a dell. Well, if that's so then i don't think you're an apple customer in the first place. I am pleased also with how far this project has gone, but if you want to buy a new machine to run an OS that would likely have no driver support, no unibin software support (think the unibin changed with 10.4.4) and no official update, be my guest. It's your money. I think a better choice would be to hold off the purchase until the mac mini comes out. 499 with core duo solo would be quite competitive with lower end dell offerings, and will be able to boot vista and osx at the same time.
  4. Little widget like applications like calculator/stickies etc were around in OS9 and earlier, some accessed via the apple menu, some in the shortcut bar/tab at the bottom of the screen, dashboard is just a different way for users to access them. If you said apple 'borrowed' fast user switching then it might be closer to the mark. I do find it a little disappointing that a huge company like microsoft cannot innovate a bit more and give us features BEYOND what OSX has but seem content to just achieve parity.
  5. KublaiKhan, Also, why did Apple not release laptops with faster processors? I really wanted to get an Intel chip that was over 2 Ghz. If I'm updating my computer I want something faster - not about the same speed! How well will this laptops decode 1080p HD movies once they become available... the list goes on. The only thing I can see the Qosimo has and the macbook doesn't is the built in TVtuner and you'll STILL be stuck using Windows. If you need to watch tv on your laptop that badly, you can always get a macbook and an eyetv for it. But hey, if you want to carry 8lbs of laptop with less than 3hrs of battery with you, be my guest. Also, what kind of opensource software can't you get on fink? Uhmm, Apple I hope you know I'm willing to pay the price for all of this... (oops, I forgot that point too! Apple is way over priced for all you get - 2,500 dollars for a 1.8 Ghz laptop? You kidding me! I can get a better deal from Dell, HP, and Toshiba - with more features to boot!)... and I think I'm not the only one. Apple is just asking for people to pirate and hack their OS! It won't be me... Although it's awfully tempting. Uh...what? Today's Macbook announcement has already address that, it IS faster and it CAN use windows, maybe dualboot, maybe via virtualPC. 90% of people who WILL buy the macbook don't need a tvtuner in it, and it's by no means a negative against the machine. It just doesn't fulfil your very specific needs. Sure it's Ok to set standards for yourself, but don't come apple bashing just because your needs aren't fulfilled 100%, the world don't revolve around you.
  6. Personally I don't think there will be an intel mac in January, the OS isn't quite ready since there are still issues with drivers, most softwares aren't ported over etc. But I do agree that if ANY intel mac gets released in Jan it will most likely be the powerbook.
  7. Should get the imac now since there won't be an intel version until next June. And no, software and new version of OSX will continue to be available for the imac long after you put it into storage so software support isn't a worry.
  8. Would there be legal issues with Maxxus benefiting financially for breaking apple's software?
  9. Great OS. But not really productive as there are not enough native software yet. If you just email, surf then it's perfectly fine and thoroughly recommended.
  10. New TV Shows on iTunes!

    I think Apple will increase the res as higher speed broadband becomes more steadly available in the US. At the moment it strikes a nice balance between download time and quality. Also, not everyone has a HDTV, and the res looks perfectly acceptable on older tvs.
  11. Wait until january. But prepare to be disappointed because I don't think there will be an intel mac at MWSF. Firstly it is because I don't think Apple has got OSX86 clamped down enough yet. Secondly I think apple would want to give developers a few more mths to come up with native ports so they have a good library of software at launch. Thirdly introducing the intel ibooks/ mac mini would in Jan would mean that those two products would be faster than Powerbook/Imac at least until june. Apple will not want to cannabalise the sale of their higher end products. However, you might see a 13" widescreen ibook. It is safer to wait until jan..
  12. U should buy it if you need it straight away for work reasons, but seeing it's getting closed to the holiday seasons, that sounds unlikely. Should definitley wait until MWSF, but most likely there will not be an intel mac until June. So prepare to be disappointed.
  13. Definitely. PPC macs will have remain the majority for a few more years yet. I think PPC will be supported until 2010, maybe longer.
  14. No Intel Macs until June Possibly?

    Makes more sense to release in June. First it give developers more time to port their software. Secondly it would not create a situation where the 'i' line of products (and the mac mini) arefaster than the 'power' line. Apple will not risk canabalising the sales of higher end lines.
  15. How FAST and Reliable is your x86 OSX?

    As good as OSX86 is it isn't production ready if you are doing intensive/paid work on it. Apps running under rosetta are noticable laggy and operate much more slowly then running the same apps using windows. My needs are cadding in Archicad 9, putting together presentation panels in Photoshop and Illustrator and after using OSX86 briefly I had to go back to windows for speed reasons. Buying a new x86 machine purely to run osx86 is not worth it, especially seeing that you are going to invest a significant amount. (u stated around a grand) Buying a G5 for 2 grand might sound expensive, but it's future proof. Apple will likely support the machine until 2010 and major apps like photoshop, illustrator et al should provide ppc versions for a while. Despite what a few people on this forum thinks there will still be 30-40 % (as a cautious estimate) of people using ppc macs up till 2010 so ppc support isn't going to disappear in a puff of smoke. Better still if you don't have that kind of money and seeing that you are OK with pirating OSX86 is to get yourself a copy of Windows 2003 server and run your apps on that. Everything will be stable, and you get the benefits of running the programs natively.