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  1. lol so true. even without the star trek joke its still true.
  2. How about you goto new egg and read those b3 gigabyte reviews. Also gigabyte is not accepting rma in loop boot issue as it's an unknown hardware issue that they swear isn't caused by their motherboard. Anyways I would get an asus or msi for sandy bridge or go with any of the 1366 chipsets with a 12mb l3 cache and you'll be content without a doubt. I recommend [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to install.
  3. I agree and disagree. It is border line piracy. For one most xeon motherboards are designed for server use. Apple uses a logic board which really is just a hybrid board and probably would be more stable to pick apple in this scenario. Back to piracy, hobby or professional it is borderline piracy especially if you share you success to the fullest. When you share it encourages people to dump apple. Most video editors and sound engineers don't envy apple until they either goto school or work in a real established studio. So most builders are going to be doing it as a hobby. Anyways Apple is killing their own profits by not giving the OS X to PC fans.fist off apple would make extra money just by adding it to be intel only based PC's. Also companies like Dell and HP could also offer the OS pre installed cheaper than windows 7 and give apple a tiny piece of the entire sale. But it won't happen and Windows X is where I predict apple to fall if they don't open their software up.
  4. nevermind MBP it is for sure, thunderbolt is going to be awesome for recording when the official products release.
  5. still no coverage on the new macbook pros huh lol lion is so much cooler than the new MBP i know, not really.
  6. Well either way i will be running windows 7 on this set up. don't come here to flame toshiba I am actually impressed with their products. why do I want an 18 inch laptop... well with 1080 P a decent processor 2 hard drive bays a 7200 rpm drive for audio production and like a 1300-1500 dollar budget my only set back is the weight. anyways I would like to test hackintoshing on this... does anyone think i will have luck... this is all i need to work... It needs to boot, install and then reboot without any KP's obviously Screen resolution isn't a big deal for the os x end but would like it to adjust to the 1080 resolution. the iLink firewire port, esata and the express card slot need to work... i could care less about sound because I would be using an interface through the firewire... anyone know of problems I may encounter, first I am going to try iAtkos because well to see how that works. also should i install the OS X on a 7200 RPM drive or would the Momentus XT work as well it's a hybrid drive but many of you know that. well if anyone gives me some advice that would be cool.
  7. its the same depending on what you are comparing. as for stability it's the same the only real difference is a real mac pro is a lot easier to update. it's not hard to update your hackintosh you just may run into KP's and find yourself performing a few extra steps but overall thats the only real issue. Also when Apple releases Lion I doubt you will be able to upgrade right from snow it will need to be a fresh install more than likely. Mac Pro has less technical headaches but more financial headaches. Also I have seen Logic Boards go quicker, like die before a hackintosh board does. if you buy a real mac get apple care because chances are you will run into problems right around the 3 year point and the best part is I have seem them replace an old mac pro for the most recent model compared to what they payed for. Not getting apple care, make sure your room temperature is f'n perfect lol, don't smoke don't even let the smell of alcohol near it lol jk just be careful is all. when building a hackintosh or pc remember your warranties are all separate it's not like buying a dell. so keep all your receipts and everything necessary just in case bad things happen.
  8. my point exactly if you have this software legally I am guessing you wouldn't drop money on Adobe suites for fun. There is usually some kind of business involved. Legally you can not make any profit on a hackintosh because the user agreement states apple applications of all brands must be ran on apple parts which includes the logic board. I built a hackintosh out of hobby, plus who actually gives Microsoft $300 for an OS license. I also built a hackintosh for professional audio recording, which is when I discovered if I want to be able to record clients on OS X I needed official Apple hardware. I own quite a bit of audio applications and hardware such as pro tools 9, interfaces, mic pres, plug in suites, so that whole I own Adobe Suites legally comment was just sad like you think you're better than me for owning software. Guess what I own stuff too for my work field. A lot of us do, a lot of us even own real macs, a majority of us hackintosh because simply it's fun. It's nice when you spend 1500 and get a more stable system than an up to date mac pro. i hope you got everything working.
  9. Nvidia, ATI cards can not be fully enabled from what I know. Without that I would not be able to launch Logic Studio or Final Cut Pro. Unsure how many apps it can actually effect but definitely nVidia.
  10. buying a mac pro is cheaper but building it yourself would actually give you better components in my opinion.
  11. first off above me is right unless you are doing some serious 3d stuff you are wasting your money, and in the case you were it would be wiser to buy a real mac in the sense that it's legal and you would be using it for a serious profit. now for some advice you can use if you just looked around the boards for no more than 5 minutes you would know nVidia is really the best way to go because it can be fully enabled. I would keep 6 core because that comment isn't true above, hell you could do some serious 3d rendering on a pentium dual core if you wanted, there are other things involved like what series graphics card you use and what your raid drive set up is like. There is no app that can truly utilize that much ram, that much ram is for a server based PC/MAC where several sources would be using it in one instance for maybe a total of 100-300 apps using the same ram sources. In that case you have multiple servers and more importantly a much higher more unaffordable sense of ram. Also I have noticed that as quick as a hackintosh can be no matter how great it is or how high the bench marks are, install windows 7 or linux on the machine and you will notice that the hackintosh ed of it doesn't use all of its resources for some reason. So if you need OSX i think your investment is screwing you in a sense that a Mac Pro runs at full speed and you get what you get over there. Don't get me wrong I love my hackintosh, I am just saying a i7 6 core with 8 GB of ram is enough for now and you can always upgrade the ram. Also the new Sandy Bridge chips coming out soon i think within a few months will have an 8 core model so if you want an 8 core the wait isn't very far away.
  12. i am aware of the directions in the download I already downloaded it. Already have the .iso on my desktop. I read the instructions and just was confused because it said nothing about a retail disk. But i figured the .iso file was so small I did, so yea lol. thanks though for the response, this kakewalk is pretty cool. So does it come with all the kexts i should need, I am sure I can figure it out if not.
  13. so do i need a retail disc? is this a boot cd? enlighten my brain here, I am on leopard and want to install snow on a new hard drive because Pro Tools 9 requires it. But I want to continue to make beats on Logic over on this end since it's not exactly broken... so do I boot the PC with this disc and insert a SL disc when prompted? Should I unplug Leopard drive while install? thanks for the help I am on a UD3P and plan on getting the second hard drive next week.
  14. Laptop Buying Advice

    nvidia cards will give you support to run apps like Logic or Final Cut Pro. The ATI works just not fully so these applications that require the full supported graphics card won't work. to the guy who said it isn't very convenient to use OS X you must be a gamer or something. For audio or film production as well as graphics, CAD, web design, etc. Programs work way more fluidly than windows. Also OS X is not as Virus prone as Microsoft products.Professional use OS X, personal use just save the money. When you build a PC, Hackintosh is actually cheaper because Windows OS is like $300