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  1. Interestingly for me also the system information apop shows 15 MB VRAM But the vmware logfile still shows the same old message. Since its working..it should not be a issue for the timebeing. Thanks. By the by..can that 15 MB size be increased? will it result in better performance? especially some animation like mission control are very laggy?
  2. Thanks for this. Without this build, the performance was so laggy. But with this build, that is gone. its much smoother. However.. When I set the values to my VMX file, the log file says could not retrieve the vramsize and hence setting it default value! Using vmware9 with 10.8 guest on windows 7 x64 host. Any inputs? Thanks, Nagu
  3. Nagug

    Rerouting microphone AD1986A

    If its still not working..that could be because of your nodes not being appropriate in the Plist. Edit the plist for microphone and change/add appropriate nodes. I edited the taruga's patched file and modified the nodes in the plist according to my dump. system preferences show the following Output Devices * Internal Lineout (One of the lineouts work for audio out(rear). Not sure which one....other i could not test..suggestions are welcome.) * External Lineout * Headphones (Works perfectly..you need to choose headphone in system prefrecnces) * Digital Input (Not tested and not planning to) Input Devices * Line IN (Not yet tested..sugestion to text are welcome) * Microphone (tested working fine...recorder..enjoyed some Voice candy effects [ ] ) Mine is also 1986A. But my issue is system profiler says unknown. any thoughts on that. If you already found a solution, which is much better than me. Please suggest
  4. Thanks for the Post..Tons of information.. here..I have my 1986A working. Both inputs and outputs. But I am sure, Mine is not completely correct, as system profiler still says Unknown!!. As of now happy things are working. Some basic question * What is the selector in the codec dump? *Though Most tutorials talk about 3 nodes in Microphone. For me additionally I have two selectors coming in the path. As of now I am having 5 nodes and is working. Except for SPDIF (Which has only 2 nodes). Everything else have one or more selectors coming into Picture and thus the number of nodes increases. How Do I Cope with this situation? * If I add PinConfig Data(Extracted from Linux) Put into HDA Enabler Info. I have issues with some of the devices not working(Mic not working!!) Would Be great, if some one can answer these questions.
  5. The title explains...What is the role of AppleSMBIOS? There are a lot of patched versions available around. starting Toh modified, then we have 28, then 27 and in there again with different version and revisions. Would be great, if spmebody can take time to explain a little bit about that. Similarly would like to know about AppleACPIPlatform role as well. Thanks, Nagu
  6. Nagug

    Analog Devices HD Audio (AD, ADI)

    Thanks, During package installation it says already there is a newer version avilable in my PC. I had installed AD1986 from Ideneb1.4. It didnt it even show up speakers!!. Then i came back to azalia I already have pin config for my card, Linux dump and i have also identified all nodes. Have a excel sheet with all identified nodes. The only issue i am not sure of how to patch Apple HDA with this information. I tried reading the tutorials..Looks like i am complete idiot that i am not even understanding the "idiots guide" Can somebody help in telling what all i need to modify in what files. Please dont give me links. I have already gone through all possible posts here in the sound/Genius bar. Tried Taruga Patcher. NO help for the time being. Hoping for 2.0 version. Currently i have removed appleHDA. I know i need to hexedit some file and modify the default values to my Values. Not very clear what to search for in which file and what to modify. I also know i need to create plist. But dont know where and what. Would be great if somebody could give me more light. I do find tutorials on ALC. But having realy tough time following them for ADI. Direction would be great. I shall follow. Thanks, Nagu
  7. Nagug

    Analog Devices HD Audio (AD, ADI)

    AD 1986A HD 5 Channel Codec [integrated on ASUS A8N-VM Motherboard(AMD)] attached core dump as well as ioreg Azalia kext gives 2 channel Audio output. But no mic/input Thanks Nagu ioreg.txt AD1986A.txt
  8. is it a dmg file mount issues? then read the sticky
  9. Million thanks devilhood..you rock! I took a print out of your post and you know its like a bible for dual boot. Folks, Any good tutorial for updating from 10.5.2[kalyway version] upwards. Hearing a lot of yes/No reviews on updating. Thanks again Nagu
  10. thanx..thorazine74.. sorry for late reply. It worked. Interestingly i tried that before i saw your reply. However million thanks for your support. I had earlier connected my 40 GB as primary slave and there wasnt any primary master and hence, it darwin could not recognise my disk. However changing the harddisk to Primary master helped. Now every thing working perfectly. VMware fusion even recognized my Vista partition as bootcamp partition, tried running that it also worked. Now every thing is perfect. Lets see if there is any long term issue! Thanks again, Nagu
  11. I can access the disk in Vista. and even linux recognises it. Only issue is with my Mac cannot see it at all!! For now, I have installed Mac and Vista in the same SATA drive. Every thing works perfect. Even networking I put in the new Nforcelan Kext and it also rocks. The only issue is still Mac cannot see this 40 GB IDE Any options or pointers would be excellent Thanks, Nagu
  12. No both are not using same cable. Any suggestions on alternate ATA kext!?
  13. First post.. Thanks for the great tutorials and great resources. It was a great feeling when Kalway 10.5.2 worked out of box in Asus A8N-VM board (AMD 64 3000+ processor). Had some initial issues in booting, but disabling legacy USB solved those issues. It worked like charm. Nvidia 8600GT hard no issues in getting detected. Audio is awesome. However there are some issues. Mac is not recognising my IDE Hard drive. (IDE DVD drive got detected). Sata works perfectly. Mac Installation is also in 160 GB SATA drive. IDE drive is 40GB samsung harddisk. connected currenly as primary Slave.(Was forced to connect like this as my Motherboard was not allowing any other config!) Tried Jas 10.4.8 earlier. No hard drive was detected and then tried Kalway 10.5.2. It detected all my USB disks and the one SATA drive. But no IDE was detected. Diskutil did not recognise the IDE drive at all. Is this any thing to do with AHCI Mode or anything. In Bios I saw the mode as enabled. This problem look like a key to multiboot and my windows vista installation is in the IDE. (I screwed its MBR in the process for solving this. . Thats fine. I can afford to lose it) I have some networking issues as well. But that i ll try to figure it out. I need help in detecting my IDE drive. Please help. My Specs AMD 64 3000+ ASUS A8N-VM mother board (its not ASUS A8N-VM CSM or SLI board which are normally popular) Using Adding PCI-E Nvidia 8600GT (Works pefectly) On board Audio (This also rocks) On board ethernet (nforce410. Card dectected, however the problem of self assigned IP!..currently using forcedeth) 160GB Sata drive (Detected and Mac has been installed in this. two other NTFS partitions in the same drive can be accessed from Mac) 40GB IDE drive (Not at all detected!..need help here) 2 USB drives - 320GB IOdata and 80GB logitec (Both detected.working perfectly) Partitions are like this 160GB -> 80GB (HFS+), 40GB (NTFS) and 40GB (NTFS) (All got detected) 40 GB -> NTFS (Vista Installation is here) More details of my Motherboard can be seen here. Thanks, Nagu