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  1. I just installed MacOS X but the Leopard wizard (the one after the installation) froze and restart the wizard when I click "Continue" on the "Do you own a Mac?" screen. I've read that you need to enable Firewire in the BIOS but my mobo doesn't have any FireWire support. What do I need to do?
  2. Do I need to install iDeneb if I can modify the RETAIL IMAGE on another mac with the OSInstall package and then, burn it to a DVD DL ?
  3. In the next few weeks, I'll try to set up a computer working with a P5Q mobo with a Core2Quad processor and I'll also try to install Vista and OS X in dual boot but I have some questions before I'll start trying your guide. I tried to follow and understand everything as far as I know but I have some doubts about how to create a dual-boot 1. I planned to install Vista before OS X, skip Step 11 and set the Boot priority to USB, DVD, HDD. If I start the computer without any USB flash drive and DVD in the computer, will I start in Vista? 2. If the answer of #1 is "yes", if I insert the USB flash cart when the computer starts, will it boot in OS X? I want to use this computer on Vista primary but my PowerMac G5 is getting old so it would be great to have OS X working on my new PC. I'm planning to use only 1 HDD for the moment for both OS. And one last question: 3. If I plan to use a USB key to boot in OS X, how many patitions do I need for this to work? I think 3 should be enough (1 Vista, 1 MacOS, 1 for the Retail Disc). Also, your tutorial is incredibly well done, it would be great if you could just add what would happens if the user don't use a correct USB flash drive when rebooting the computer and how to boot in Windows when MacOS is installed. Otherwise, great job Robert and I will come back to answer "yes" to the pool when I will receive the missing part of my new computer. Oh and before I forget, can anyone link me the steps or any references on how to set OS X to work with an nVidia GeForce GTX 260? Thanks!