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  1. 7870 XT at stock speed and i7-3770K at 4.5 GHz
  2. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    With Slice's latest revision : http://www.projectos...indpost&p=16873 even voltage values are now working on Gigabyte Z68 board
  3. HWSensors

    Looking pretty good with the latest version, only thing not working is that multiplier reading is stuck. MSRDumper and power meter show that speedstepping is working and multiplier is dropping to 16x when idling.
  4. HWSensors

    I see now what is happening, you are using channels 1 & 2 as Vcore and Dimm voltage, but they are actually on channels 6 & 7.
  5. HWSensors

    Now Cpu heatsink is showing value that is labeled as System in Windows programs, Motherboard is showing that disconnected sensor and real Cpu heatsink is missing. I had Prime95 running in background and I know that real Vcore value on full load is 1.380 V, correct Dimm voltage is probably 1.64 V, it is set to 1.65 V in bios. I have a feeling that now only temperatures of first two cores are shown two times, third core on my cpu always runs warmer than others. Fan speed reading and Radeon temperature seem to be correct. Here is same situation with old FakeSMC: Voltages are wrong here also but temperatures are correct because I rearranged names in IT87x.kext Info.plist.zip
  6. HWSensors

    This what you need ? Feb 4 13:25:37 localhost kernel[0]: IT87x: based on code from Open Hardware Monitor project by Michael Möller (C) 2010 Feb 4 13:25:37 localhost kernel[0]: IT87x: mozodojo (C) 2011 Feb 4 13:25:37 localhost kernel[0]: IT87x: found ITE IT8728F
  7. HWSensors

    Looks like this with Z68XP-UD4. Should have only 4 core temperatures and multipliers are not showing. Cpu heatsink temperature is really Ambient, Motherboard should be Cpu temperature and 3rd sensor that now says Ambient is probably really disconnected, that 25 C never changes on Windows or OS X.
  8. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

  9. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    It seems that all versions newer than 3.18 don't work properly, 3.19 also didn't work.
  10. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    Running as iMac12,2, using iStat Menus 3.18 (temps are a bit high since system is running Folding@Home)
  11. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    Correct Vcore reading should be 1.392, memory voltage reading should be about 1.65 V.
  12. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    New 505 shows frequency correctly with my Sandy Bridge system. Voltage readings are still messed up.
  13. good free temp monitor

    That's right, but the history graph of core temperatures with this one is really nice, especially when stress testing etc.
  14. Beta2, Room scene, HD6870 & i7-2600K, Gpu only=255, Gpu + Cpu = 589
  15. good free temp monitor

    This one is also free : http://www.bresink.com/osx/TemperatureMonitor.html