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  1. Hi guys 'n gals! As the title implies, I'm a little unsure on how to properly compare OSX 10.6 with OpenSolaris (OS) when looking for a NAS/Fileserver solution. I'd like to build a box with at least 4TB of usable capacity, and I'm sold on ZFS. However, I'm not so sure which implementation of ZFS would be best for my purposes. As I'm not too comfortable with a terminal (although I can manage if I have to), I'd very much prefer a GUI for admin'ing the box, perhaps just something through a browser. Gauging from the bit of hunting around I've done for a GUI solution on OS, there doesn't seem to be much that is available at the consumer price-point. There's NexentaStor, but that starts at $1100 for a 4TB license. There's the OpenStorage line from Sun itself, but those prices are even more unrealistic for a home-user. Unless there's something I missed (and I'd love for that to be the case!), it doesn't seem like there's any truly user-friendly interface for accessing the power of ZFS on OS. Apple, of course, is known for designing very intuitive GUI's, so I'm pretty excited about Server 10.6 -- but should I be? I don't have access to any of the developer builds, and I haven't heard much about how ZFS administration is handled. Is ZFS *fully* implemented in 10.6? Is there any performance hit, as there is in the FUSE port to Linux? Are storage pools easily and intuitively managed from a GUI? Is there a way to run OSX "headless", and just admin it from a remote computer (using a GUI, of course), so I don't have to waste system resources running the OS when all I need is a box to serve and store data? Also, what build is Server 10.6 on, now? The last news I heard was for build 10A222, but that was several months ago. Any new or more accurate release dates?