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  1. Only saw the replys to my original post today. I'll give the kexts a bash. Thanks! To get QE and CI working, I installed NVInject (not nvinjectgo) during the iatkos install. I then had to go and edit the kext, and replace something with 0. Trying to remember what it was. I'm checking now. Oh, btw, does anybody's headphone jack work? My sound works, but no headphone out :-(
  2. First post, hope i'm in the right place. Ok, so i'm pretty happy at the moment. The installation on my 8710w is working after my third install. Installed using iatkos v5i: Stock kernel - only extra selected was nvinject and intel ahci sata. Wired ethernet is working - intel 82566mm Wireless i wont get working now, according to some research - intel 4965abg Audio - soundmax chipset Graphics - nvidia quadro fx1600m - using nvinject - CI and QE enabled I had to hunt kexts for the audio and wired internet. One last thing that really gets to me: My boot times are insane. It takes 5 minutes to boot. It boots fine (using -v), then quickly gets to a black screen, where it just hangs for a couple of minutes, and then continues normally. Any help would be appreciated.