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  1. Hmm... sounds like an idea to get the Snow to work... but, I'm thinking about retail. I want to go that way, instead, so, I can run Apple Update forever, so, are researching how to go about, installing chameleon and EFI on the efi partition, allowing OS X to run retail kexts (even thou it would be the patched ones, from the EFI, that really are being loaded) But thank you for the reply - and if you by any chance have a good guideline in how to go about this retail install. don't be a stranger
  2. PC EFI

    Thank you for your help - much appreciated Will check out the guides - just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something Will post back, if/when, successfull
  3. PC EFI

    Oh, so it's either PC-EFI or Chameleon - I got that part wrong, then. So, the Chameleon actually does the same, as PC-EFI, besides providing the nice bootloader gui, right !? What do you prefer, PC, or Cham.? As you can see in my sig. I'm currently using the iDeneb provided Darwin loader (I think it's the 1.0.11) that's being used, and it runs vanilla, however, I'm not quite satisfied with running this, since I'd like to go retail on Snow, so... If I were to run the OSInstall.mpkg in my running Leopard, installing on an external USB HDD, then running the Chameleon installer from here and using the Show_hidde_files from here I should be able to manually copy my patched kexts to the Extra/Extension folder, allowing Snow to run retail, but the Chameleon to load the patched kexts, in the background. This would work, right? Because I read in a thread inhere, I would need to use DSDT patcher and plist, as well, but, to the tell the God honest truth, I know there is something calle plist's but I've tried to understand what they do, and if I should use those, or if I shouldn't but, I'm just thick, I guess.. just can't seem to understand how / why, to use that But I think that I've finally understood, that the best way to run retail Snow is the above mentioned solution, right !?!
  4. PC EFI

    So, I've been reading a lot about PC-EFI lately, and are posting this, just to clarify, that I've understood it right, so feel free to comment/add/rectify (?) me, if I'm mistaken. As I understand it, it would be possible to use an existing Leopard installation, to install PC-EFI and Chameleon bootloader on the first HDD of your system (provided it is SATA), storing all patched KEXTS on the PC-EFI partition (do I, the user, create this partition?), allowing the Snow Leopard to run completely retail on the visible installed partition, making it possible to run Apple Update, in all eternity. True / false?
  5. Okay, if you don't need to run dual-boot, do the following (I have an Asus P5Q SE mobo - so don't know if BIOS settings are the exact same, but I'm guessing they are, since they are both Asus boards) In BIOS LOAD DEFAULT SETTINGS - ENABLE SATA as ACHI - ENABLE SLEEP STATE: S3 ONLY - DO NOT ENABLE ACPI2.0 but ENABLE ACPI - leave everything else as is. Run the installation, with a minimum of kexts, ensure to use the right kexts for your hardware (I will try to research, and find the right kexts for you - or at least guide you in the right direction), and that should basically be it. I'll post back as soon as I'm done searching, but in the meantime, could you post you exact specs; CPU specs (make, model, type(SSE2/SSE3) mobo specs memory specs + make/model GFX specs + make/model HDD (SATA/IDE(PATA) + make/model DVD specs (SATA/PATA(IDE) + make/model This will make it easier to search for right kexts tbukdahl...
  6. Do you need to run dual/triple boot? Otherwise, partition in GUID format, instead of MBR, first of all. Secondly, it could be a GFX kext problem (the loop screenie thing sounds like the screen saver kicking in). Have you tried reinstalling, with different GFX kext? Alternatively, try booting with -x to get to safemode, and use either KEXTHELPR og OSX86TOOL to install different GFX kext. Also, what I did when I tried to install iDeneb 1.4, was to disable all non-essential onboard devices; ethernet, sound, etc. I then ran the install, and post-installed needed kexts for onboard devices, after having enabled them in BIOS, again. I then found out, that the iDeneb 1.4 has native kexts for ethernet, sound, and my ATI GFX card. Chances are, that your problem is an incompatible kexts have been installed. It's a very general guidish outline I've given you, but, that's probably your best bet of getting the install to work, unless you have an iDeneb 1.4 lying around *cough cough* But try fiddling around with the kexts and reinstalling, otherwise, give me a shout, and I'll try to find something out, for you.
  7. iDeneb 1.4 and Vista x64 dual boot

    Well, I had the kind of same experience, untill I actually got a little headstart from a more experienced user on these forums, and I'll say the same thing to you, as he did to me: SEARCH THE FORUM !!! You're NOT the first one to encounter problems regarding this issue, and therefor there are a LOT of guides on how to go about dual-booting. You could have done a search and found this that might help you further on, and if that doesn't help, well then you should be able to find what you're looking for in these results ! These forums doesn't suck, and it isn't that people don't want to help, but, the OSX86 people here have put a lot of time and effort into answering the same questions over and over and over and over and again - so instead of just spoon feeding n00bs with a how-to, it's more a question of reading, researching on these forums, and a question of trial 'n' error, untill you get it right. I've been there myself, and trust me... in 4 days I went from knowing absolutely nothing about OSX86, to having a fully working OS X Leopard 10.5.6 vanilla installation on my rig. So, do your search, and if you run into problems, chances are that someone already encountered the problem you did, and posted a solution to it! Attitude adjustment needed !
  8. Lunux: I have a SSE3 enabled CPU; Core2Duo E8200, so that shouldn't be the problem. But, I've gotten the Leopard (10.5.6) to run fantastic on my machine, but, now I'm fiddling with the Snow Leopard install. by installing inside Leopard, by restoring the install DVD to partition 2 on my external USB HDD, and then running OSInstall.mpkg from that partition, installing to partition 1 on my external USB HDD. Installation runs fine, when deselcting the printer kexts, as well as additional languages, however, I get kernel panic, like stated above, from: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(IntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out Can't seem to figure out, why this kernel panic keeps happening. Any suggestions, anyone? How do you repair the permissions, you say?
  9. Hmm... think it might be my ATI HD 2600 XT PCIE that's causing this, at least according to this thread - according to Holypauly: "....Works like a charm for me (P5QL pro, patched BIOS) in 64bit mode (including kernel with latest chameleon rc3 and efi 10.5). For those who having the line: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(IntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out It's not about AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement.kext or dsmos.kext, but because of your videocard. Evoenabler.kext (it's somewhere around) is your savior. Just put it in /Exta/Extensions/ with other kexts after installation." Can you confirm this ?
  10. Okay, restored the DVD to a partition called Install on my external USB HDD, partition2 on the drive, and installed without installing printer drivers, and no languages, to Snow partition (partition1), ran my hack, and pointed it to the Snow partition. Got this error when trying to boot the Snow: Launchtd:please convert the following to launcd: /etc/mach_init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.plist it booted a little further then got this systemshutdown false booted again then this: AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get ACPI path for provider booted 2 lines more, and then hung at this ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService (resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out What does this mean? When I tried to boot iDeneb, it had apparantly overwritten my Darwin bootloader, so had to erase and install again :-(
  11. Okay, after running next batch of updates, the install. gets VERY slow in booting, and finally halts at a kernel panic, so if anyone uses this distro, one update is okay - but no further than that - been testing thrice with same result. Now, I'll test to go Vanilla Snow, as mentioned above, in this thread, on my external USB HDD. Will post back as soon as I'm done testing.
  12. Okay, a small update on my progress: It isn't Snow, but I just tried, for the fun of it, to run full system update last night, thinking I'd probably not be able to boot the OS X installation afterwards, and I was right, however, if I boot with the -v -f flags, I'm able to boot the OS X installation, so, it seems that the iDeneb 1.4 can run do some updating. I now have the option to do further updates, and I'll probably test tonight, to see how far I can takes these updates, before kernel panic, but, it looks like this distro is pretty solid, in this matter. However, I haven't tried to boot the regular way, without any flags, after the initial boot crash last night, so, I don't know if I'll be able to, afterwards. But, just wanted to give an update on the current situation. Will post back as soon as I've cleaned out my USB external HDD and tried to install Snow on it
  13. Okay, I want to thank both of you guys for helping me out testing and installing and testing, getting the OS X to work. I'll try out to go Snow (hopefully Vanilla) as soon as I can find the time, however, me and the mrs. decided to give it another go last night, so, it'll probably be a couple of days, before I'm able to try it. But, as usual, I'll post back here, as soon as I've gotten it to work, or crashed to BIOS
  14. It's 350gb drive, with around 30Gb not used. So some heavy cleaning is needed before installation of Snow :-) But I'm definately going to try this. Say, we're talking vanilla pure retail here, right!?! That means even thou I'm not on Apple hardware I'd be able to run all updates no matter what, yes ?
  15. Great, will get to it maybe tonight, or maybe tomorrow - the ex wife wants to have a sit-down to work things out, so probably need to see to her, as well, but as soon as that's taken care of it's all I'll also be fine tuning the guide for Asus P5Q SE mobo, with the same CPU and GPU and DVD drive as mine, so hopefully in a day or so, that will be up here on the board as well, and, if all goes well, I'll, with PDAVE54's permission, of course, I'll post a second guide, on how to go Vanilla style on Snow, on the same hardware - if it works - just need to test it, before I post it Of course, both you, Stream, and PDAVE are being creditted in both guides, since you guys were the ones that helped me through 3 long nights of endless head-against-the-wall-bashing, encouraging me to go on, and try a different approach, so, get ready for your 15 minutes of fame, guys !!!