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  1. andnet

    Asrock z68 pro3

    I have this problem too. Need help
  2. ))). Oh!!Yes I found my mistake, this is my carelessness. Put the file from the old archive . Good luck
  3. May be TheKings DSDT is wrong? Your DSDT work fine, can you make DSDT for 3Gb+ F16+AppleHDA (system MBR Win7+MacOs)? Thanx
  4. Start with AppleHDA and Injector - 1.5 min , with VoodooHDA - 30 sec. Need patch bin AplleHDA and remove injector and plist AplleHDA is very big. Now Voodoo is best.
  5. smbios.zip I use this smbios plist, 3Gb Ram and all work fine
  6. I dont Know but i have 10.6.4 in extra - AppleBatery CPIDoverride CPUIDsymbl CPUinj fakesmc in sle - VoodooPCI VoodooHDA(remove ApleHDA) and all work very well not KP etc why delete ioaudio osvkern? may be i m idiot?Update 6.3 6.4 w/o KP and etc bios f15 overclock DSDT mogly f15 but i think that VoodooPower is better ..
  7. @poofyhairguy N270 Atom Tmax=120 by intel but if T=90 bios disable netbook
  8. @LeMaurien VoodooHDA 261 is best and i think Slice + aikidoka make HDMI in next time(slice work and on another notebook HDMI sound work very good with voodoo261) VoodooPS2 may be or may be not. And Voodoo and applePS2 work good for me. @dotch another thread
  9. @Lemaurien19 VoodooPower+ is best for Mini now then CPUiO+ ApplePower+ 1. Very hot chipset...(may be dsdt,may be kexts) 2.Time 2,7 and with VoodooPower 3,5 3. wake Sleep may work or may not 4. Speedstep work good but many questions 5. Any time i have KP (in 2 day) I think its early yet. VoodooPower+ is stability and work good for Mini Thanx Mowglibook i test today your dsdt on 270 with H14 bios
  10. Sorry, but VoodooHDA made Slice + patch Aikidoka25. OK)))(thanx aikidoka thanx slice ,may be w/o name? ) @aikidoka look at VoodooHD2.61. Slice wrote you on insanelymac.com
  11. andnet

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    HP Mini311-1110ER @poofyhairguy VoodooHDA2.6
  12. andnet

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    w/o bluetooth in new HP Mini chip bluetooth is on motherboard(not in card WiFi) It is not a definitive list
  13. andnet

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Broadcom BCM94312HMG Atheros AR5B91 Atheros AR5B93 Broadcom BCM94322HM8L Atheros AR5BHB92 Atheros AR5BXB61 Atheros AR5BXB92 All this cards is as native Airport and work very good price 5 -20 $