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  1. I'd also like to know. Sadly I'm guessing 18, as there's some weird {censored} on some people's computers. As proven here: http://gizmodo.com/5345420/apple-genius-fi...-need-of-repair
  2. I was actually using it just to show that it was out, without actually linking to the Bay of Buccaneers. 10a286 is the latest build right?
  3. Well, snow leopard's floating around the Bays of Buccaneers, and it got leaked in the past... What I want to know is, is it hackintoshable? http://www.pcworld.com/article/133298/appl...oads_ensue.html I've got a GTX 260, and this is my only route to a hackintosh .
  4. NickmL

    Best Wireless card?

    I'm running Leo, but it might work. I'll look that one up. Thanks
  5. NickmL

    Best Wireless card?

    I said mini-PCI, not Mini PCI-E -.-
  6. NickmL

    Best Wireless card?

    I'm looking for any Hackintosh capable card. My requirements: Must be 10.5.6 compatible It must be MiniPCI IT MUST NOT BE MINI PCI EXPRESS (mini pci-e) It must be WEP compatible Other than that, I have no requirements for it! Thanks to anyone who can help!
  7. I receive this issue frequently on my Thinkpad T30. I am running the Voodoo kernel, as this is a Pentium 4. The issue is unrelated to iTunes, as it occurs right after, or soon after boot. I appreciate any help from people, especially from people who have the solution to this issue. Thanks in advance! Note: I just tried removing the Voodoopower.kext file. It appears to have fixed it. A definitive answer would be great though. (Was this the issue?) I'm now getting an error from the kernel pointing to a lack of kexts for a few things. It's going to be eaiser to reinstall