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  1. Adobe TV problem

    I have the same problem. Same mobo, same ruter, iDeneb. Adobe TV restarts ruter. Did you solved a problem? Please post how
  2. Is OSx itself even ethical?

    OS X is derived from BSD, and BSD is NOT published under GPL. Did you heard about "BSD style licenses" ? Here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_license Unlike GPL, when BSD licensed software is forked, there is no obligation to have the same license as the source. In other words, it can be closed and commercial. Parts of OS X which are forked from GNU are open and their source is available from Apple site, licenced under GPL. Someone above alredy posted the links for that.
  3. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    It worked with patched bios. It did. Now my board stooped working i will try to get it replaced. this bord was faulty from the day one. I dont think that died because of bios. What about those two GA boards. Will it work out of the box
  4. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I tried everything and nothing works. I will try with patched bios at the end, but I think that will not work either. Patched bios only enables all cores, but I wanted first to set up everything and then patch/enable cores. I even borrowed SATA DVD from friend and tried iAtkos and Kalyway with Cpus=1. Nothing works. I will try to get this mobo replaced. Will GA X48 DS4 work? Or maybe X48 DS5 ?
  5. Still waiting for root device mean that there is no driver for ide dvd. I heaved same problem until downloaded iDeneb 1.4. I sugest you also try. It has jMicron IDE driver included.
  6. I'm glad you manged to solve the problem but is it possible without a real Mac? I have tough time understanding what exactly you did. Do I nedd to download iDeneb 1.3 ? I have following distros: iDeneb1.4 iAtkos 4.1i and Kalyway 10.5.2 Can I find that kext on any of them. PS: I downloaded TransMac. Maybe that can help me to inject those kexts from Windows. I will post the results.
  7. P5Q-E iDeneb install, help!

    Did you work out a solution?? I have the same board and same problem. In -v mode last mesage is using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers. There is bunch of topics where people have that problem, but nobody wants to help.
  8. I have the same problem, reburning DVD don't solve anything, I just wasted blank DVD. First I burned with 4x speed and Alcohol 120% and now with Nero at 2x... same "Using 5242 bufer headers and 4096 cluster io bufer headers" mesage...
  9. First thing I did was searching the forum, but all I found is topics with bunch of guys asking the same question and nobody answering. Like this topic. If know where is solution to my problem, can you post a link?
  10. I got the same mesage after instaling iDeneb v1.4 today. Why nobody helps??
  11. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Me again I downloaded iDeneb v1.4 and got past Darwin without cracked BIOS and SATA DVD drive. But I did not actualy completed Install. I tried on MBR disk, install was going smothly, but after reboot, it did not bot. I tried -v and got message about bufer 5254 or somthing... I forgot exact mesage... During instalation I selected only IHCx, DDR2 800, jMicron IDE, and all Aplications. Now I formated the disk with GPT an try all over again, if I have troble again I will write message on peace of paper. Now I did not selected any kexts. I know that I need to repair premisions or something, but I dont know how to do it. Link to explanation please With GPT it won't even start boting OSX. It says: boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done boot1: error And it sits there forever.
  12. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Hi all What about Asus p5q-e and Leo without hacked BIOS?? Is it possible yet?? I tried iAtkos v4.1i , XxX 10.5.6, Kalyway 10.5.1... and I always get restarted at a very begining. I decided to go with GUID partition table and iDeneb 1.4 (which i downloading right now). Can I use Gparted to make GPT disk? I have IDE DVD in jMicron controler and that why I want to use iDeneb. And GPT because I might want to try Retail & EFI partition in future. So the bigest question is which partitioning toll to use to make GPT disk since I cant use that one in OS X installer because computer restarts before gets there. I know that flashing the BIOS would solve the problem, but that is not the option, at least for now. PS: I tried with cpus=1 -v and I got "still waiting for root device" mesage.Same on every distro. I think it is because IDE DVD. Did anybody successfully instaled Leopard on IDE DVD connected to jMicron IDE controler?? I mean on p5q-e mobo... What i need to do other than buying SATA DVD drive??
  13. New Chameleon Announced!

    Where can i download curent version of Chameleon. I cant wait for this new one. I gues it would be easy to upgrade.
  14. How can Apple make gaming better?

    For starters, they should strat puting beter Graphics Cards in Macs. Then Apple should sue M$ for monopoly for not leting them use DX. That would be after they convice some company (ie Intel, Dell...) to buy out Apple shares that are in possesion of M$. Then they need to let big OEMs use OS X on their machines, and make them to solve some of hardware compatibility problems. Then cut prices of Macs and start funding OSx86 project with really big bucs. An for a gran finale, make OS X instalable on every machine, start seling it across the globe and say "Hasta la Vista Micro$uck"
  15. New Chameleon Announced!

    So when will we be using it? It is gona be with all distros (iAtkos, XxX, Kalyway) or we ned to download and install ourselves.