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  1. i'm newbie my GC is mobility HD 3450 how to make it works ??
  2. sado0og

    HD 3450 !

    i have bought HP notebook.... i have installed IPC 10.5.6...it works great but i cant find a driver for ATI RADEON MOBILITY 3450 is there a way to install a driver for this video card ??
  3. sado0og

    i can't watch my video....

    then what should i do to watch movie ????
  4. sado0og

    i can't watch my video....

    i have ATI RADEON MOBILITY HD3450 Installed mac IPC 10.5.6 this is my system prfiler read : Display: but i can't play avi or any video even wmv can't displayed in Video LAN only 3gpp is worked fine when i try to play avi or other i got black screen... sometimes it turns to grey and with bad color quality plz help me i need to watch my movie in MAC
  5. i have installed IPC 10.5.6 final successfully but when i'm using KISMAC to show me the wireless it takes age to search for a wireless network even if it's one meter far i ha waited more than 15 mins for kismac to show it to me then i can connect normally is there a problem ?? what shoul i do
  6. sado0og

    i can't see video in my graphic card

    i have installed IPC 10.5.6 successfully everything works fine except my graphic card (ATI RADEON HD 3450) in my laptop HP Pavilion DV5-1112ea i have installed video lan when i play wmv there is sound but no video and i can't change my resolution i can't play HD movie anyone help plzzzz ??
  7. sado0og

    ATI Radeon HD3450 Mobility ?

    anyone ??
  8. sado0og

    Atheros ar242x drivers iPC

    me too i want this driver
  9. sado0og

    is it impossible !

    it's impossible that hackintosh users can't find a driver for Atheros AR5007 wireless where are the proffessionals ???? i followed all guide for this wireless but all failed what happen i need to install it correctly
  10. sado0og

    ATI Radeon HD3450 Mobility ?

    i need a driver or KEXT or anything for my graphic card : ATI RADEON HD 3450 Mobility my distro is IPC 10.5.6 regards
  11. sado0og

    Atheros AR5005(G)

    my mac shows that my wireless is AR242x but my real wireless is AR5007 why ??
  12. well...my laptop is HP pavilion DV5-1112ea the wireless card is Atheors AR5007EG when i installed IPC 10.5.6 final mac didn't find or recognize that i have a wireless but when i use osx86 tools to identify my wireless it tells me that my wireless is Atheros AR242x ???? what should i do ?? how to configure it ??
  13. sado0og

    help me on this....

    i have two partitions 1/ IDeneb ( fully worked but slow) 2/ IPC (sound not worked but system works great) can i extract the Sound driver from IDeneb and install it on IPC ?? plz help
  14. OK I have Tybed my Laptop spec.... can u help me now
  15. hello, i have installed Ideneb 10.5.6 100% successful.... and installed IPC 10.5.6 in other partition in same HDD also it's 85% successful the problem is that IPC doesn't recognize my sound card.... IDT but Ideneb fully recognize it and work perfectly....but Ideneb is slow and IPC is very cool can i move the sound kext from IDeneb to IPC ?? how i can do it ???? and what kind of kext should i take in transfer ?? regards