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  1. Keep me updated I'll have an ISO (that's right - ISO) of the retail snow leopard to try this with. Need iso so I can burn on windows as well
  2. Well...what I can say is I found the retail disc on some private sites. And apparently, people have done clean installs with it...not just upgrades (at least on real macs) so that may be possible for us. Hoping my HD retail install method (that I outlined in the sonotone post installer thread) works with this and on mbr
  3. Not sure....haven't tried snow leopard. You may be the guinea pig
  4. You should be able to use the one in my kext pack that I uploaded. Most of those kexts are from 10.5.6 and worked for me. By the way, I did that whole guide with a retail install on a spare harddrive because like you I am running a hacked install on my main machine (in my case iPC 10.5.6). I wound up installing the latest chameleon on my main rig, along with all my kexts and was able to update iPC without a problem. Only thing I needed to do when I decided to go with voodoops2 was to remember not only to delete any references from ps2 in my extra/extensions but also from s/l/e since the ipc install places some there. Once that was done, my iPC install runs just as clean as a retail one
  5. Try using the IO80211 kext. If you have problems with bluetooth (I did) also use the IOBluetoothfamily and IOBluetoothHIDDriver
  6. If you go to the sonotone post installer thread, I posted a whole bunch of files to get everything working through chameleon, including the kexts you need to put in the extra folder. I can confirm everything works (except for sleep - still working on that one)
  7. If you re-read through the rest of the post since...I have updated the kext folder download for chameleon where I fixed the wifi and bluetooth. Just go back to the original post of mine and re-download it.
  8. think it has to do with me being core duo and not core 2 duo? Which thinking about it.....will I work with snow leopard? I can't even install 64 bit windows on it. Hmmm...upgrade the processor or new computer...hmm
  9. OK.....first big thing..... here's a link to the TSC Sync Vanilla Kernel for 9.8...using it now: http://www.mediafire.com/?jomzl1wiqnn So I gave the voodoo ps2 a try...... Nothing to delete from the retail install, just had to remove the kexts from my extra/extensions folder. Some issues...1. can't bring up a keyboard choice anymore.... 2. the preference pane that installs with it doesn't seem to work...it comes up with some "ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad not found" but then opens...nothing really works though..no scroll sides or 2 finger scrolling or any of it...although I do have mouse support. And 3.....doesn't seem to work from within the extra/extension folder in chameleon....isn't it supposed to?
  10. hopefully whomever took this over can take the work I posted...add the voodoo ps2 stuff.....AND create an installer which does everything!!! I ain't no programmer
  11. damn...maybe I should figure out why I never had the keyboard unrecognized before (you know...the "hit the key next to the left shift..hit the key next to the right shift" it doesn't recognize it...I have to tell it what keyboard I have manually. Its not a big deal. I may keep it the way it is so its completely clean minus that voodoohda added and the trackpad replaced. I'm trying to keep it break proof as much as possible... Are there any advantages to the voodoo one? Maybe I can grab ps2 kexts from an older install and dump them into chameleon? Hell...maybe someone can build a new "post installer" which actually installs chameleon with all these kexts, plus the other stuff I wrote.
  12. Wait...so how do I remove it then? If the Voodoo is added to my chameleon install...I can't remove them the first time I boot the OS....wouldn't that be a problem?
  13. Not yet....what ps2 kexts from my extensions folder need to be removed for that to work? can it be put in the extension folder? Mind giving it a try?
  14. OK...modified my original list of files with a new extension folder. Now everything works Wifi? Yes...it's in there. Bluetooth? Yes...it's in there. Ethernet? Yes...it's in there. Only issue I can see now is trying to figure out why the laptop keyboard can not be recognized. Hmmmmm..... Also...anyone know if a tsc 10.5.8 vanilla kernel is out?
  15. I'm away from my computer till tomorrow night, but theoretically we should be able to add that to the extra/extension folder of chameleon and it should retain it. I'll extract it from the 10.5.6 install to try it. Although if anyone gets the chance BEFORE tomorrow night it will save me the time. This should save us some work as 10.5.8 is the last update until 10.6 Still waiting on a tsc kernel for 10.5.8 as well. Any idea about the bluetooth problem? Is it part of the same kext?