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  1. My system: Dell XPS M1210, GMA945/950 graphics, iDeneb Leopard. Everything working except sleep and webcam. Whenever I tried to put the system to sleep, it would instantly wake up with a blank screen and refuse to respond. If I closed the lid, it would instantly wake up, with the "You need to restart your system" kernel panic on the screen. I've discovered by chance that if I set a hard drive password using the BIOS then the system will sleep perfectly! On the first sleep attempt, it still instantly wakes up, but this must just be to create the safe sleep hibernation image, as it sleeps again within a few seconds. On all successive sleeps, it works quickly and resumes perfectly. Your mileage may vary but I thought anyone with similar problems might like to know.
  2. BonzoGuinness

    No Wake From Sleep - Discussion / Fixes thread

    I could not get sleep/resume to work in Tiger or Leo - Intel GMA950 graphics with a Core Duo processor, Dell XPS M1210. This may only work for me, but the SOLUTION is to set an HDD password within the bios! For some reason, whenever hard drive security is set, my hackintosh sleeps and wakes perfectly. On the first sleep attempt, it will wake up instantly like before, but it has not crashed - it's just creating the safe sleep image. I've tested disabling the HDD password and sure enough, it breaks sleep again. Strange, but it's working now at least!
  3. BonzoGuinness

    GMA950 in 10.5.4 and 10.5.5

    Just wanted to add my thanks to supermx for FINALLY providing a solution to my woes! I'm running 10.5.6 iDeneb on a Dell XPS M1210 laptop - Every other driver I've tried either didn't work, or required an external monitor to be connected. The ones attached provide full hardware QE/CI and work well with the internal screen! Woo! Must say I'm impressed with how far OSX86 has come since I last tried it some years ago - I can't think of a feature on my laptop that doesn't now work with Leopard. Even silly stuff like card readers and bluetooth work great.