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  1. Holyfield, I use the MLB and ROM from my iMac on my hackintosh as well. Those are the only values that are identical. SMC version, serial number, Hardware UUID and boot rom version are irrelevant. I'm pretty sure Apple knows exactly which MLB values are genuine and I'm quite sure that as long as that value is genuine you can use just about any ROM value you want. Granted, if you do use a different ROM value you will end up having to call Apple with a Customer Code again but chances are that this time they will be able to actually unblock the account. I'm sure Apple can check the MLB against a database of genuine values much like the Apple Self Solve way of checking for a genuine serialnumber because the MLB are bound to the motherboard/logicboard. The ROM value however can be calculated from a myriad of diffferent mac addresses from either FireWire, Ethernet, Airport, etc. Since some of those parts are user-replaceable there's a good chance that with a genuine MLB and a generated ROM Apple will be able to unblock the account with a Customer Code. For now, the only way to log into Messages for Mac without having to contact Apple, is to use a MLB and ROM from a genuine MacIntosh. You can use any SMBios you want, any serialnumber you want. @teddybearapple: In Clover Configurator go to the "RT Variables" tab and enter the MLB and ROM in the corresponding fields at the top of the screen (the two fields next to eachother). Disable all internet connections, reboot, check MLB and ROM values with iMessageDebug (repeat 2 or 3 more times) make sure the values are what they are supposed to be, enable internet connections, login, be happy.
  2. Same way as on a Hackintosh really, run iMessage_debug on it. The only difference between a real Mac and a Hackintosh is how the MLB and ROM values get into the NVRam. Whatever you plan on doing though, don't bother trying to get the MLB and ROM from a Mac you don't own. If multiple accounts are active on the same MLB-ROM combination simultaneously that eventually will get all accounts blocked and possibly the MLB-ROM blacklisted. That means you're not just screwing up access to Messages for Mac for yourself but also to the person that rightfully owns the Mac that the MLB-ROM combination belongs to.
  3. I understand that the ROM is calculated from either the firewire mac address or ethernet mac address, but aren't those also replaceable? For instance, let's say I have an authentic Mac Pro, wouldn't the FireWire or Ethernet card be replaceable if either fail? If I replace them with a non-genuine Apple product that will result in a ROM that isn't in any of Apple's databases right? The MLB I understand, once you have to replace that you're basically replacing the heart of the system and since those are proprietary they will always be in Apple databases. Please correct me if I'm wrong but that was my whole logic behind my previous question about whether or not the ROM is actually something that needs to be registered with Apple. Now that I think about it, making up a MLB by simply sourcing a genuine serialnumber on for instance eBay and then adding a few random characters to make it 17 characters long is probably useless as well. If Apple is now actually checking the MLB against their database there is no way for us to tell if that MLB is actually valid.
  4. I wonder, does it still work when you set the ROM back to the calculated ROM from your networkcard? I can understand Apple checking the MLB against one of their databases since it's quite hard to replace but a ROM is no more than the MAC address right? Edit: on a hunch I tried a real Mac's serialnumber and now I get another Customer Code to call Apple Support with.
  5. Hi Holyfield, I trashed all the files and folders but I still get the exact same Customer Code =(
  6. That I didn't do. Got some more information on which specific files and folders to trash?
  7. Hi Holyfield, i followed the guide to the letter. Checked 3 times between power downs to make sure all hashes were identical between sessions (I used iMessageDebug), which they were. It was only then that I even tried to log in. Ever since I'm getting the Customer Code. Friend of mine has the exact same problem.
  8. I just did all this, called Apple, told them I wasn't physically near my computer and that my (now angry) wife can't login to Messages for Mac or FaceTime. No serialnumber needed. After I told them what to do and look for (rather unknown problem apparently), I gave them my customer / validation code annd they said my account would be "unlocked" again. So I tried and it threw the exact same code at me again. Calling them back now, trying to get it unlocked again... the advisor, who I had to tell what to do again, they unlocked it again but it still throws the same code. I'm currently on hold for a Senior Advisor... Also, the FaceTime is doing the same now, throws that code too, unlike before where it'd just not work. To be continued. Anyone else had this issue? Edit: Waited in line for well over an hour... was told to boot into safemode and try again. So eh yeah. I told them I'd try later tonight but did it rightaway. Booted with an added -x boot argument, tried, still the same error. Now going to contact them... again... Edit 2: Got back in contact with the guy. Apparently there's another case just like this where they had to boot the system in safemode, then "unlock" the account, reboot into normal mode and then try to login again. Still no luck on my end though. Highly doubt this is a Hackintosh problem though, this is Apple's BS imho. He's going to email me some sort of script or program that gathers logs from the computer to figure out what's going on. Which will be interesting to say the least xD
  9. I would be very interested in this also!
  10. I just realized that the version of Chameleon i'm running is loading modules as i have i have a diylib in there that fixes my orange diskdrives. So the problem isn't solely Chameleon, but either a problem in FileNVRAM or a combination of the two.
  11. Well maybe not the MLB and ROM values themselves but the serialnumber anyways (which is part of the MLB number iirc). I too had the issue a month or so ago where Apple put a block on my iMessage account because of a suspected not-real Mac. I had to call them, give them the serialnumber and they pulled the block. I gave them the serialnumber that was generated for me years ago on Leopard... that serialnumber is not real. However, it does now work under Mavericks again. But i digress, we're having the issue with Yosemite PB5 (haven't installed 6 yet) with ErmaC's Chameleon r2401. @Luxinhaus, if you have any idea how Andy disabled it, i'd love to go searching if that is maybe the case in ErmaC's r2401 as well.
  12. FWIW, running the debug on my hackintosh is the easiest way to see if the MLB and ROM values are actually stored in nvRAM. The values that my hackintosh generated under Mavericks have been whitelisted. The problem at hand is not that we don't have values to put in there but that we can't store values in nvram and have them stay there. The issue at is FileNVRAM.dylib not being used by chameleon r2401.
  13. I'm using the bootloader that i downloaded from this link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/59-chameleon-22-svn/ I'd like to think that is the ErmaC one right? That's the one i'm having problems with at least.
  14. Nope. Haven't gotten a reply in the Chameleon thread yet either. I'm guessing we're not going to get any sort of help before the final is released and this problem becomes "main stream".
  15. I'm in the same boat. I have PB4 running on chameleon r2401 and selected the FileNVRAM option during its install. I don't even think the file is actually working as there is no nvram.*.plist being created during boottime. iMessage Debug and "nvram -x -p" dumps also confirm this behaviour. Adding the nvram plist that i still have from my mavericks install doesn't do anything either. Injecting the rom and mlb values into nvram works (as in they can be found in the nvram dumps and imessage debug's output, imessage still doesn't work) but once you reboot those values are gone again. I also tried version 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 as well as the version of filenvram.dylib that is included in the chameleon r2401 package. Nothing works I asked in the Chameleon thread but haven't gotten an answer there yet. Edit: just installed PB5 without any issues. iMessage however still doesn't work.