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    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head great thanks boxman
  2. Hi pubjoe snap I had the exact same issue my thoughts remove the rivets, use an inverted cone bur in a dremel to remove the fine lip in the hole ( the rivets must be press fitted originally) sandblast the hole and the rivet make sure the rivet will sit flush, block the base of the screw thread as you do not want the adhesive welling up and stopping the screw from seating. Use a strong glue, I used araldite epoxy resin , wait and hope its a pain that the sellers who do NOT have the original box do not pack these cases for transport appropriately these legs/stands, whatever you want to call them, are not supposed to be overloaded which is likely to happen in transit ( read dropped). its the base of the machine where the PSU is that should be well supported , but still cushioned, from a serious jolt not the legs good luck boxman
  3. Hi ProjectY did I see somewhere that you had 5.1 working ? digital out? from which board? love it if you could point me in the right direction cheers boxman
  4. long time lurker first time post I tried both lifehacker and gigabyteOSX ( using both Hdd and USB stick) and although both work, I think the gigabyteOSX is, as its new name suggests, a Kakewalk. Thank you Mrjanek Have searched for some suggestions to make a bootable copy of the stable system I have, but ended up just installing on a new disk I did have a question as to how to make the digital outputs work , they show in the system as combo but I can not select any digital output in the sound preferences. Is these a kexts change I can make to do this to get 5.1 digital ( either optical or coax )
  5. I am liking the boot partition concept more and more. I imagine after everything has been stable for some time that I would like to hide the boot partition. I know I have seen this as a terminal script some where in the forum but is that an option you could add to your script ? cheers