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  1. t400 iatkos 10.5.7 and update 10.5.8 (Success)

    Regarding wireless - get a usb dongle or use wirecard (GSM) i have tested sierra GSM and worked excellent. Regarding the video - still not resolved
  2. Hello All, I have upgraded my thinkpad R50 to lenovo's t400 and last week have successfully installed OSX here are the details: What works: Screen Ethernet Sound Trackpad/Touchpad FireWire What doesnt work: Wireless Bluetooth CardReader QI on screen VGA out modem Requirements: 1. lenovo t400 2. iAtkos v7 Installation process: 1. boot from iAtakos 2. prepare HD (using DiskUtills) 3. customize the installation as follows (taken from installation log): ---------------------------------------------- a. "Mac OS X Leopard" --> "iATKOS v7 Main System" b. "Bootloader" --> "Chameleon2" c. "X86 Patches" --> "Extra directory","DSDT" d. "Decrypters" --> "AppleDecrypt" e. "Kernel" --> "9.7.0 kernel voodoo" f. "ACPI" --> "x86 ACPI" g. "Disabler" h. "VGA" --> "EFI string for intel" i. "System" --> "Intel Sata/ide" , "IntelSpeedStep" ,"Speedstep driver", "Throttling control" j. "Sound" --> "Voodoo HDA driver" k. "PS/2 mouse keyboard" --> "Apple PS/2 driver" l. "Laptop Battery" m. " NTFS-3G" n. "Network" --> wired "Intel Gigabit" o. "Post install Actions" ---------------------------------------------- 4. After installation first boot with -v -f 5. updated to 10.5.8 using "Software Update..." Enjoy
  3. Yep, same here finished going thru my Thinkpad R50 and only things missing are OpenGL/QE for it's Radeon Mobility 7500. if someone could put up a working tutorial it would be great.