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  1. DSDT Patch kills ethernet

    I was able to get my ethernet working (Yea! typing from osx now) but when I patched my DSDT file (using the terminal method to only modify cores) my ethernet once again said "cable unplugged". To fix my ethernet I had to power on my NIC with the BIOS to get rid of the "cable unplugged" issue When I have the DSDT.aml file in my root, I have all 4 cores running, but no internet When I do not have the DSDT.aml file in my root, I have ethernet but only 1 core Is there a way to patch the DSDT file so that it will still want to turn on my NIC like my BIOS does? Thank you
  2. Not working... I have edited the plist to be in the same voice (using 10.5.5 So whatever voice that is in using kextstat). My device ID was already in there (10CE80806). I have a gateway sx2800 running ideneb 10.5.5. I have tried loading with kexthelper, and pcwiz's and I got nothing. The only item showing up under system ->network is firewire. Is there a chance I have another kext blocking this (no other network ones that I can tell) Is there some other kext htat this guy depends on that I should have loaded? I have updated my extensions boot cache, so it is at least trying to laod the correct one. Any ideas?
  3. I have a gateway sx2800 with an intel gigabit 82567V integrated nic. I was able to get it to dual boot ideneb 10.5.5 and vista. NOw I cannot sem to get OSX to see my nic. I've tried all the kexts in the intel family, even 82566MM that s supposed to work. When I go to System->Network the only item listed is firewire. Is there anything I can do?
  4. In stall help

    I am at a loss. I recently bought a Gateway Sx2800 with quadcore processor and I can't seem to get Leopard installed. I've tried everything I can think of, all the distros, cpus=1, buspeed=20 all that jazz, AHCI tricks, and I can't seem to get past using 16364 buffer error. It has the G43/44 Intel chipset according to cpu-z and ICH10 (tried checking that kext too). The MB is listed as an Acer AS3180 but I have no idea if that is really what it is. Has anyone succesfully installed Leopard on to this, and if sowhat distro and checks did you use?