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  1. I am glad you got most everything sorted. I have a question: why are you using the ATY injector? Are you using three plus monitors and two plus vid cards? If you are only using one monitor then dump the injector. dump the Geforce kexts and use efi string. Ive got a working p6t deluxe v2. had 10.6.2 running on it but went back to 1. I got an ssd hdd and use only IOGraphicsFamily,kext from cid's site. if its working dont mess with it. if not then maybe this is something to contemplate. IOGraphicsFamily is the only kext I use in SLE I only have four or five kexts in VEEE. I use a gtx 260 with dual monitors. everything is fast and flawless. If you want ill send you m¥ kexts' but it seems like everything is under control. P6T deluxe v2 is an awesome setup. I was a laptop person before my 6t, nøw I have to say this sounds like a great learning experience. you must know your machine by now. I prefer my 6t over my macbook anyday. its just an amazing piece of equipment. with retail os x on it it makes it even better. Give us an update let us know just how it worked out for you. I would like to know. good luck unext
  2. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    ive got a p5q turbo running 10.6.1 all four cores working. I used dsdt_patcher1 modified a few kexts and it works great. I posted the kexts in one of the p5q forums so you can grab them from there. I didnt use modded bios. both sata and jmiron work great. I have no problems at all.
  3. Geekbench Scores

    here is mine. i7 920 3,86GHz p6t deluxe v2 Platform: Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) Compiler: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5490) Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.1 (Build 10B504) Model: MacPro2,1 Motherboard: Apple Computer, Inc. Mac-F4208DC8 Rev 1.xx Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz Processor ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 4 Logical Processors: 8 Physical Processors: 1 Processor Frequency: 3.86 GHz L1 Instruction Cache: 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache: 32.0 KB L2 Cache: 256 KB L3 Cache: 8.00 MB Bus Frequency: 760 MHz Memory: 6.00 GB Memory Type: 1600 MHz DDR3 SIMD: 1 BIOS: Apple Inc. MP21.88Z.005C.B01.0608221120 Processor Model: Intel Core i7 920 Processor Cores: 4 Integer (Score: 11280) Blowfish single-threaded scalar -- 2486, , 109.2 MB/sec Blowfish multi-threaded scalar -- 15703, , 643.5 MB/sec Text Compress single-threaded scalar -- 3580, , 11.4 MB/sec Text Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 18933, , 62.1 MB/sec Text Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 3679, , 15.1 MB/sec Text Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 20130, , 80.2 MB/sec Image Compress single-threaded scalar -- 3401, , 28.1 Mpixels/sec Image Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 17501, , 147.2 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 3577, , 60.1 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 14914, , 243.3 Mpixels/sec Lua single-threaded scalar -- 6433, , 2.48 Mnodes/sec Lua multi-threaded scalar -- 25028, , 9.63 Mnodes/sec Floating Point (Score: 19070) Mandelbrot single-threaded scalar -- 3360, , 2.24 Gflops Mandelbrot multi-threaded scalar -- 24386, , 16.0 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded scalar -- 5476, , 2.65 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded scalar -- 20424, , 9.31 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded vector -- 6578, , 7.88 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded vector -- 36356, , 37.8 Gflops LU Decomposition single-threaded scalar -- 2498, , 2.22 Gflops LU Decomposition multi-threaded scalar -- 9691, , 8.50 Gflops Primality Test single-threaded scalar -- 8732, , 1.30 Gflops Primality Test multi-threaded scalar -- 32342, , 6.00 Gflops Sharpen Image single-threaded scalar -- 8473, , 19.8 Mpixels/sec Sharpen Image multi-threaded scalar -- 39332, , 90.6 Mpixels/sec Blur Image single-threaded scalar -- 10566, , 8.36 Mpixels/sec Blur Image multi-threaded scalar -- 58770, , 46.2 Mpixels/sec Memory (Score: 6159) Read Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 6178, , 7.56 GB/sec Write Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 10545, , 7.21 GB/sec Stdlib Allocate single-threaded scalar -- 5050, , 18.8 Mallocs/sec Stdlib Write single-threaded scalar -- 4127, , 8.54 GB/sec Stdlib Copy single-threaded scalar -- 4895, , 5.05 GB/sec Stream (Score: 5583) Stream Copy single-threaded scalar -- 5137, , 7.03 GB/sec Stream Copy single-threaded vector -- 7148, , 9.27 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded scalar -- 5236, , 6.79 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded vector -- 6616, , 8.93 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded scalar -- 4596, , 6.94 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded vector -- 6381, , 8.88 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded scalar -- 4885, , 6.75 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded vector -- 4668, , 8.74 GB/sec
  4. P5q Turbo/Q9550 I finally got jmicron to work. I patched the binary with the JMB361 info. I dont know if I can post it here but I would. and a mix mash of IOATAFamily. everything works. QE/CI IDE ICH10 and stable @ 4.48GHz. I still havent used a dsdt and all four cores are available to me. thank you so much. I hope I dont get into trouble for posting these kexts. Sound works with the voodoohda. im running smooth at 64 bits. IOATAFamily.kext.zip JMicronATA.kext.zip
  5. other than a laptop hdd sata all I have is IDE so jmic was it. Tried what you sug. no luck. I ended up installing on a 2.5 sata no dsdt very few kexts' and up and running. turned jmic off altogether. My data is on ide so ill sync off this h/w. works great 4.4GHz no kps.
  6. p5q turbo/ with Q9550 jmicron freezes at boot. if I boot with -v or -v -f still freezes with -x -v -f -x32 kp on IOATAFamily.kext updated my PIIXATA to no avail. tried 10.5.7 IOATAFam jmicron doesnt agree. if I use my DSDT from 10.5.6 it kps or hangs depending on which flag I use. I am not really aware of 602 bios mods. (thats the version of bios i am using) not really sure what to try next. any ideas? thank you for your help in advance.
  7. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    number nine
  8. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    use the IOATAFamily.kext from 10.5.7 that will stop the kp. install with chameleon 1 use boot from RC3. SilentNatit, voodoohda in sle. all the stantards ie fake, blockstorage, platformuuid. find the IOBluetooth from a 10.5.6 or 7 install and use that. as well use the dsdt from the eariler install. http://cid-8b65993ef55cf014.skydrive.live....graficzne%5E6== youll find the patched graphics kexts here and aswell most of the other kexts you will need. I installed from another machine onto an external hdd oh I havent figured out which ps2 and nub to use for trackpad controller but I used the 1057 as of this writing. *edit* and IOGraphicsFamily.kext (not too sure but figured couldnt hurt) currently working from the 1000HE with wwan (RT2860) Ralink website. Efi String in the com plus natit and gma gives video. I apologize for the mispessings and poor writing. I am just very busy. unext pm me if you have questions.
  9. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    I did a clean install off another computer. followed the standard install stuff. Replaced IOATAFamily.kext in /E/E/ patched GMA950. installed RT2860. Bluetooth, wirelesss, video, 10.6, all work on my 1000HE. Only problem I am having is after every reboot disk needs to be repaired. Will get disk warrior 4.2 and try a repair with that see if it works perm. .02
  10. GTX 260 on Snow Leopard

    a good test is flurry screen saver. if its smooth than your good. My monitor suddenly went static-ish any one else with this prob?
  11. GMA X3100 or GMA 950?

    I think they do. It just takes a little messing around. I have seen some qualifiers. I've got 1000HE and will let you know.
  12. anyone able to upgrade to SL?

    I found that SL wouldn't upgrade any of my computers. What I had to do was do a clean install off a Macbook with an external HD then use TM to upgrade. Every time I tried to upgrade from 10.5.x the installer just wouldn't install the proper files on the PC's. Good luck.
  13. Asus P5Q Turbo (Not PRO)

    download DSDT_Patcher, look here first Run DSDT_Patcher in term. vi in term and delete four lines at top of file, aliases of CPU. Run DSDT_Patcher again on dsdt.dsl file like so sudo ./DSDT_P* -f Debug/dsdt.dsl sudo cp dsdt.aml /DSDT.aml Thats it restart. If you have chameleon 2 put dsdt.aml rename as DSDT.aml (very important) in top level directory of EFI next to kernel. How did you fix ethernet? I was thinking it might just be a vendor id or device id or something like that really have not looked into it.
  14. GeForce 200 series support

    did you try with an efi string. I dont own a mac pro but I would guess you could install chameleon 2 with a com.apple.boot.plist get gfxutil your display pci a efi string and go from there. I dont see why it shouldnt work. if someone can run an efi on a mac pro for iphone os than you can do this for your card. it should work. just follow aqua macs' instructions. posted earlier on this forum.