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  1. Use the Sierra Patched X-MASS BIOS first before you try mine. It might work better for you.
  2. I used the audio package on the wiki I believe. I don't use this board regularly yet and I don't remember what I did for audio, but it definitely worked. I don't use VoodooHDA because I've had bad experiences with it in the past and prefer an AppleHDA solution. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. You can try it. Mine uses the iMac13,2 system definition, which is supported by Sierra. Always make a backup of your working BIOS first so you can go back if you have problems.
  4. Okay. The system definition in the BIOS image is Macmini6,2. The boot-args = darkwake=0 kext-dev-mode=1 I didn't see an entry for csr-active-config. Do you know if SIP is disabled? How did you determine that? Try booting verbose. Does DSMOS arrive? Are there any kext load errors?
  5. What system definition are you using? Did you reset NVRAM after you flashed that BIOS image?
  6. That link doesn't work. Can you post the BIOS image that you flashed?
  7. Install Nvidia Web Drivers. Remove -nv_disable from boot-args and add -nvda_drv=1. That should do it.
  8. Ah yisssss. This one works much better than the one I created with ssdtPRgen. The one I created wouldn't drop frequency below 2 GHz. This one drops nice and low to ~1.2 GHz. Temps and wattage are much better at idle now. Thanks for this! Works great with my 3770k. Here's my DarwinDumper report if anyone is curious. Suggestions are welcome. DarwinDumper_3.0.1_17.10_18.45.26_iMac13,2_Apple_X64_Sierra_16A323_user.zip
  9. The official release uses the MacPro3,1 system definition which isn't supported by Sierra. The BIOS image I provided uses the iMac13,2 system definition. Using the official 167X-MASS release, I also experienced trouble with Sierra. For me though, the installer didn't panic, DSMOS just never arrived. The reason DSMOS never arrived was because FakeSMC wasn't being correctly injected in to the kernel cache. What's the cause of your kernel panic? Is it FakeSMC related? Some other kext not loading properly?
  10. Damn. This thread is too long. I'll give that a go tonight and see what comes of it. Thanks!
  11. This guy gets it. It's in the BIOS.
  12. Sure. Things you should know about this BIOS image: Based (somewhat loosely now) on the original H2O.167X-MASS release. I've rebuilt the image by removing all of the Oz-related modules and re-adding them one at a time in a specific order, compressed. DisableNvidiaInjection = TRUE DisableVoodooHda = TRUE System Definition: iMac13,2 boot-args = -v kext-dev-mode=1 -nv_disable = 1 This is my procedure for each BIOS flash: After flashing, you enter setup immediately and then power down. Clear CMOS and start back up. Restore setup defaults and reboot. Enter setup and make your usual changes. Save and reboot. F12 to enter boot selection and reset NVRAM (Command-Option-P-R). Repeat step 6 once more for good measure. My setup: i7-3770k @ 3.5 GHz 8 GB of DDR3-1333 Intel HD Graphics 4000 What works: Sleep/wake All USB ports on the back of the board (haven't tried internal headers yet since the board is on my test bench). Audio (after you enable VoodooHDA in NVRAM) Native power management (I think. Still need more testing on this.) iMessage/App Store I've attached the BIOS image as well as the OzmosisDefaults.plist I used. Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.167X-MASS.IMAC13_2.zip OzmosisDefaults.zip
  13. Yours worked. I put it in the BIOS and reflashed it and it worked just fine. Still worked after I tweaked it to mirror the plist I attached to my original post. Not sure why yours worked and mine didn't, but thanks.
  14. Yeah, sorry about that. I don't keep my signature very up-to-date. I also don't like including builds that are unfinished. No worries.
  15. If you're talking about me, I'm using an iMac14,2 system definition on my Oz'd Z97-HD3, but I'm trying to get the system definition changed on my QUO board.