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  1. Apple Red theme release

    Hello all! I think I've mentioned it before, but I just love this topic so much! I've managed to make my leopard exactly as I wanted, and all my hard work (altering the zillion files from extras2 took me forever) was worth it. One thing still bothering me, though.. on finder, where it shows Devices, Places.. does anyone know how to change the background color and the selected item color? I've changed my style to graphite for it works a little better with the colors I've chosen, but still.. I'd like it to be the same color I've picked for the rest of my selected items. Either way, thank you so much! And I'm sorry if my question was answered before, but I tried researching before, and came up with nothing.
  2. Apple Red theme release

    Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for all the help with this thread. I'd quite some fun making my own theme. Has anyone managed to alter the Finders colors as well? I changed it all, except when I go to my finder, it still obeys the Aqua theme colors. The selected item is still somehow blue, although everywhere else it has changed as I wanted it to. Am I doing something wrong? I tried killAll, restart.. nothing seems to work. =/
  3. Extract Leopard UI Files

    Did I do something wrong? Macintosh:teste audreyfischer$ java -jar artfiles/ SArtfile.bin SArtFile.new.bin Invalid or corrupt jarfile artfiles/ Help, please?