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    Random freezes 10.5.6

    Thanks for your answer, CaptainJack. I tried to boot with -x but it didn't change anything. My system just freezes when the desktop should load. What do you mean with kernel panics? Maybe any other possible solutions?
  2. Hello guys, I have a very big problem with my hackintosh. The installation worked just fine and without any problems. When I boot the first time everything looks fine and i can setup my machine. But when i restart it, it just freezes at loading the desktop. Only the wallpaper is shown but there are no desktop icons or other things. But sometimes everything seems to work and i can do everything i want, but after a short time, the hackintosh freezes again (cannot click at anything, cursor shows the "loading circle" ^^). So i have to reboot my machine. And sometimes the hackintosh freezes already when i try to boot. But the last message is always another than before. For example sometimes it is "localhost date[61]: date set by root" but another time it is "sandbox_compilerd[51]: find_compiler pthread_cond_timedwait e=60 (Operation timed out). I already tried iAtkos 5i and iPC 10.5.6 and a lot of different kernels (Vanilla, Voodoo, StageXNU, ...) but I'm always getting the same result. I don't know what I can do to solve this problem. Here's my hardware: CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6300 Mainboard: Don't know exactly, but chipset is VIA P4M890 RAM: 2 GB GPU: Asus Radeon 4850 If you need more informations to help me, just ask Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany