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  1. cut SSE2

    Yes I know about it, have simply mixed these vm but it does not change an essence of a question, it would be desirable to start osx w/o emulation.
  2. Network in VMware?

    May be, better try network in QEMU, not vmware? http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~nissler/tu...ntap/index.html
  3. Supported Virtual Machine

    I hope, following step will be attempt of start OSx86 with GUI? :roll:
  4. Supported Virtual Machine

    Lucky :wink: Why vmware? You wan`t to get it in on real PC? It seems to me, is easier to get it running @vm with pearpc. P.S.: a can't get it for now, because there are no places near me, there I cat get ASUS A8N-SLI Premium mobo I will try to play with qemu 0.7 to build sse2less darwin :wink:
  5. Supported Virtual Machine

    Fantastic! That hardware you use? Did you recompiled sources by hand or used Darwin-8.0.1to8.1.0.tar.gz?
  6. cut SSE2

    It is possible to recompile darwin 8.1 without sse2 support? And who may tell me, macosx86_leak compiled with sse2 or not? I want to try to get macos@athlonxp Any Ideas? P.S.: of course, I know about vmware, but I want get it on real hw.
  7. Supported Virtual Machine

    My congratulations! It was simply unix commands... Yes, you can, see: http://wiki.opendarwin.org/index.php/Main_Page http://www.osx86.classicbeta.com/wiki/inde...x.php/Main_Page http://darwinsource.opendarwin.org/ script for building darwin: http://darwinsource.opendarwin.org/darwinbuild/ or "there's a premade 8.1 package with an installer script": http://www.rejgond.com/Darwin-8.0.1to8.1.0.tar.gz from this guide http://grabberslasher.no-ip.com/macosx/ Generally, first you need download 8.1 sources from http://darwinsource.opendarwin.org/10.4.1/ I can`t do it (for) myself, because a have no sse2 processor but before I successfuly compiled darwin 7.9 from src on my AthlonXP
  8. Supported Virtual Machine

    Yes, of course mkdir /mnt or you may choose another name, for example /cdrom, like in FreeBSD :twisted: Do not forget substitute proper folder to mount utility. And you may use mount_cd9660 directly: mount_cd9660 /dev/diskXsY /somedir
  9. Supported Virtual Machine

    Probably, there are no mount_cd9660 command. Try issue which mount_cd9660 first.