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  1. I second this...just go plain DSDT and you will be fine with Updates etc. Nice Job...I never got around doing that Hope you guys are having fun with your Hacks The thanks goes to you MAJ for your wonderful script and the wonders it does. And of course d00d and LocusOfContol.... If you guys don't hear from me again then happy holiday's.
  2. Hi Guys, I am just writing this post to say farewell . The past 2 years + on here has been wonderful and without the great minds in this forum, we couldn't have achieved so much . My family is growing bigger and I need to make space so I have parted with my hackintosh. In it's place is a 27" iMac, SSD (boot), 2 TB HD for all my data and 16Gb of Ram. I take it that it was a fair replacement . I wish to thank Maj for his wonderful work, d00d for his DSDT patching and LocusOfControl for all the help. All the best to you all and if I one day get a bigger place which I plan on doing, I will definitely get back to running a hackintosh. Safe. CruiSar
  3. Colddiver, The issue you are experiencing seems to be related to the app store and not your hack. Even Mac users are complaining about this on the Apple support page https://discussions.apple.com/thread/317551...=0&tstart=0 I am sure the problem will be rectified sooner or later. Cheers
  4. No, I do not have any network issues whatsoever. Like DD pointed out, it could be a delay in the NIC attempt to get a new IP address. It will be a good idea to test ethernet as this will probably show if the issue is related to your wifi card. Cheers.
  5. No I haven't applied the RTC Cmos fix via DSDT as this is currently not possible at the moment. There are currently 3 work arounds. 1. Replace the AppleRTC.kext with the one from snowLeo and rebuild caches. 2. Install ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext to /Extra 3. Bin Patch the AppleRTC.kext in lion via terminal http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1715551 I have 3 kexts in /Extra, FakeSMC, IONetworking and AppleRTC CMOS reset only happens when I restart without the AppleRTC kext present. System wakes up from sleep without any issues.
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry for the silence. I have been busy with my new job so I hardly have time to visit the forums. I just want to announce that my DSDT works effortlessly with LION. I purchased the OS from the app store and followed the usual install method just as DD posted on the first page. I am using minimal kexts just as in SL and sound as well as internet works. @ Sidewinder, I think the main issue with raid here is that it will only boot successfully if you use the combo cache option. DD stated this on the first page of this thread. With regards to backing up your data, I guess that is pretty much straight forward :-) DD, I love the animation of the text in the script, pretty slick..thumbs up for yet another great job. Let me know if you guys have any questions regarding my install.
  7. ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext is used when you do not have a DSDT present. Remove that kext and install EvoReboot To S/L/E
  8. I think Jon is using a patched DSDT and is missing a restart shutdown kext. With Snow Leopard, the shutdown was incorporated into the DSDT but restart was handled by the bootLoader. I have the same issue when I restart from Lion DP1 and DP2, the board resets itself.
  9. Thanks for this info DD. I have been cracking my head around this with no results whatsoever. You are a star...
  10. What kind of Wifi card are you using?
  11. Ah yes, I actually didnt notice that the information there was wrong. Thank you for the heads up. I will also play around and let you know what I discover. I also have those 3 models listed in the same place I had to wipe my SL Test/Maintenance drive to install Lion but not that much of a big deal. I have backed up all my data on a 2TB disk in case my main SL should fail on me. Thanks again Cheers Charles
  12. RealtekR1000SL is not for sound. it is the kext that is loaded so your network card can be recognized by the OS. The kext you should be looking at is AppleHDA. Copy the one from your 10.6.6 setup to your 10.6.7 and rebuild caches. Cheers Charles
  13. DD, I am using Mac-F42C88C8 for my board ID. Jon, I think the sleep issue could be Gfx related as I dont see why it wont work. Shutdown fix is incoprporated into the DSDT, restart is based on the bootLoader. I also get the board reset error when I restart so I guess we either use a restart kext or wait for a bootloader with the restart fix. I have edited my previous post with restart causing board reset. Mis-information is a very bad thing. Cheers Charles
  14. Yeah I know, I just replaced the boot file and added the SMboardproduct to the SMbios.plist and the installer didn't {censored} anymore. I just thought DD should know before he got passed a couple of DF's just to be greeted by that message. The update is also needed for the script as well. Now I am running DP 2 (That acronym sounds really weird in this forum...LOL). Everything is working smoothly :-). Still getting DF once in a while but ah well Cheers Charles
  15. Hey DD, I just finished downloading the Lion DP2 and tried installing. Guess what, I think apple has put in some kind of board-ID check. The installer greeted me with a message and I quote: "Mac OSX cannot be installed on this computer" then something to do with restoring from a time machine backup or exiting the installer. Netkas has already posted an updated pcEfi boot loader incorporating a fix for this Board-ID check. http://netkas.org/?p=712 I am guessing it will be in your next script update Cheers Charles