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  1. 10.6.2 and 6600GT working?

    Thanks for replying zoliky! It was working just perfect in 10.6.1 and stopped working after the upgrade to 10.6.2. Will try to boot with -x32 and, if that doesn't work, replace nvidia kexts with the ones from 10.6.1 AND booting with -x32. Again, thanks!
  2. Has anyone suceeded in activating a 6600GT under 10.6.2 and, if so, what method are you using (EFI string, injectors, etc.). Thanks!
  3. 10.6.2 Released!

    timdafweak, any chance you could supply your 10.6.1 geforce.kext? thx
  4. 10.6.2 is out...

    Geforce 6600GT causing KP using EFI string also after updating to 10.6.2, was working great in 10.6.1 Stuck in VESA land for now
  5. LG Laptop Keyboard no workee

    using a LG LW65 here. Installed 10.4.5 + 10.4.6 and also don't have keyboard...it sucks! I'm using a USB keyboard though. Trackpad works just fine.