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    Snow Leo on HP 6730b

    I´m sorry to say that I tried that allready It didn´t make any difference. I connected a usb-drive to see if the installer could find it and that worked right away, so I did a basic install to it and used carbon copy to mirror it to the internal disk, but that failed to I must have made something terribly wrong in an earlier life! Nothing seems to go my way right now... Maybe I should just hold off for a while until my karma recovers Thanks anyway tzel2 /Bikerbuz
  2. Hi everyone. I´ve searched both Our forums and on the net for info on how to get past this, but I only found one or two (could be the same guy)that succeeded, but no info on how they did it. Bios is set to AHCI and i´ve tried dozens of different combinations for all other settings (usb, card reader, FW for ex.) but no luck On my old laptop (HP 6710b), there was a setting for the behavior of the AHCI, but I can´t find it in the 6730b Bios? If anyone could help me before all my hair is ripped out, I´d be most greatful
  3. Could someone please pm me the "Pre and Post Update" links? Mysticus C's pm-box is full. Tnx.