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  1. Kerry666

    search for GA-EP45t-UD3LR

    [buy] Hi Fellows, everywhere i read about Poeple that "grade up" their Machines to the z77 or H77 Boards. This makes some of the old Boards useless. I want to buy one or two of the GA-EP45T-UD3LR or R Boards. But just the 45"T" ones i already have two of the Boards without "T" and iam not interested. Perhaps one of you guys can sell it to me. Thx Gonzalez
  2. Kerry666

    Lenovo N581 i5

    hi there, I found out that there are two N581 i5. One with Free Dos and one with Win8 OEM. They have a completly diffrent Bios. I have the One with Windows 8 :-( i found out that the Win8 is bounded to Bios with serial. another Serial is written in the Uefi if its the same it works. If you want to install another System to it , it isnt working. Even Win 7 or Win 8 Pro is not working. I the case i disable the UEFI it works with Win 7,8pro but with Linux and MacOS it will not give the USB and Sata free, its locked. Great thing. The People shouting about Win8, but here you can see the Market Power of Microsoft. I gave up now and sold it, to a poor Windows User :-)
  3. Kerry666

    Lenovo N581 i5

    first , thx for yur help and your little Programs.... I read all Guides and the Edge Install Method, but i dont come more far than botting and disrupting while boot. I cant even format the HD.... In Boot menue from Chameleon i have to choose Bott verbose, otherwise it immediatly restarts. If i chose verbose, it hangs at the appleusbehci(0xffffff800b48e00) unable to obtain ownership unable to take control from Bios, this comes 8 times after that there ist written. Still waiting for rrot device an continious that often my patience is lasting.... nothing more happens then.... Iam nearly Mad now I just want that Notebook to run :-)
  4. Kerry666

    Lenovo N581 i5

    Ok, hab jetzt das besagte Laptop (Lenovo N581)Zuhause und habe versucht ML oder L aufzuspielen. Es scheitert schon beim Booten. Die Version von Tonymac geht überhaupt nich weil sie schon kurz nach lesen des Bootsticks ein neustart erzwungen wird. Die Neue ML von IAtkos bootet ewig , findet dann aber die SATA nicht und kann natürlich nicht installieren weil keine Festplatte. Zu der erhofften Situation , das evtl. das eine oder andere Gerät(CardReader oder so) nicht klappt kommt es gar nicht. I dont even come to the (hoped for) Situation of needing Kext because some devices dont ework(like Card Reader). Es ist auch ein Laptop auf dem Win8 im Bios registriert ist. Den UEFI Boot habe ich ausgestellt auf Legacy Boot. Es geht trotzdem nicht. Verdaaaaaaamt. OK, then i have orderded and got the Laptop(IdeaPad N581) home now. I tried to Install ML or L. Nothing works, it´s stopping very short after boot. the Version of tonymac isnt working at all, it´s stopping very fast after reading first scriptfiles after booting, with restart. The new one from Iatkos is loading hour´s(felt like it, but very long) but then its not finding the SATA HD. And of course it cant be installed if theres no HD. I dont even come to the (hoped for) Situation of needing Kext because some devices dont ework(like Card Reader). It´s a Laptop that is registrated for Win8 and the serial is written inside Bios. I disabled the Uefi First Boot Status. But its not working anyway. Daaamn
  5. Kerry666

    Lenovo N581 i5

    I am planing to buy a lenovo Idea Pad N581 with an i5 and a HD 4000 Grafik. I read nearly the hole sides of OSX86 and other, but was not able to find somthing that i can understand. My Question is now: Am i able to get it work with Mountain Lion? If not , and Lion or Snow Leopard would work , it would be fine too. thanks so far... Gonzalez
  6. Kerry666

    T61 Lion

    Hi there, i read all the stuff now for two Days, and it will not work. I have a x3100 Grafik and a Intel 7700 CPU. My T61 isnt working, not with lion and i cant even install SL . Lion would be nice , but after all this trouble, SL would be enough. This is really frustrating. Tons of manuals are read. First i tried the install DVD , than the USB stick, nothing worked. I cant even get to the install routine where i can Partition a Guid table. So i build the HD in my other Hackintosh(UD3LR) and installed the SL on it. Back in my T61 it shows the Chameleon after that the Apple bootscreen and is loading. Its loading on and on and on...hours....nothing happens. I am at the end of my little knowledge. I would be happy if someone could help. Perhaps there is anyone who could make a iso file of SL ready for T61 on Rapidshare or Uploaded.... :-)
  7. Kerry666

    BIOS Smart LAN kill my network connectivity?!

    hi there i have exactly the same problem. And i have two machines and both will not work now with the problem you described i tried everything like you too but it will not work anymore an intresting Fact: I have a dual boot system with win7 and the same machine works in net without changing anything -> so, it must be a Mac OS "thing"
  8. Kerry666

    Ga-EP45-UD3LR - i get mad now

    I am Shocked , i installed the bootloader stuff for the "LR" Board. I bootet up again and guess what? Like a charm , SOUND IS THERE. Iam really pleased for that and call "mrjanek" a Genius ! For all who profitised from this Man(mrjanek) with working Computers. This Man saved you about 1000$ with having a Mac Pro instead of buying it. I vote for Donate him . His work is worth it. Today i will.... Now my Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR Board got a fully working Mac Pro . Ilife09, Logic Pro,The Adobe Suite CS4,even the MS Office,Toast Titanium 10,Time Machine and all the nice stuff i dreamed of while using Windows. What shoud i say, Thanks again Mister Janek !!!
  9. Hello there, 1 .first: please dont tell me things like"google is you friend" or "use search" or things like that. Because i read the hole bible of SL,Gigabyte,Realtek ACL888 for min. ten times. Thanks I have read the lifehackers Guide(thx for that) I bought the parts that he suggested, installed the Snow Leopard and really , it was a GREAT thing. Everything worked out of Box, exept the sound! Ok its fun but i think its more fun with Sound(Itunes without sucks). I cant get the Gigabyte GA-EP45UD3P here in Germany so i bought the GA-EP45UD3LR. Evreything is the same but the sound is not ACL889A("P") it is ACL888("LR"). 2.Specs:Gigabyte GA-EP45_UD3LR , Q9550, 4GB Patriot DDR2 800, Sparcle 9800 GT 512MB , Sata WD 1TB,Sata LG DVD Burner. 3.I tried tons of kexts, did the dsdt-thing(i didnt understand,but followed the guide exactly), got all the tools,chameleon was read,efi too, and from tricking around i had to install my SL now seven times. Every try it worked perfectly, but without sound. For the "Ga-EP45-UD3P" someone wrote a .pkg for it that made it easy (even just for me). I did successfully instaled a Ati 3870 in my Dell Dim.5000, it took long but worked with 10.5.6 but this is too much for me. I dont know any further, can the "someone" please write the same for the "LR" board. Iam sure many Germans who cant get the "P" Board will be happy, including ME. If that will not work perhaps there is a guide that is "for idiots" with much less Computer Brain than you? Thx 4. P.S. yes the Azalia Codec is enebled in Bios, Lol
  10. Kerry666


    hi, seems that no one can help me in this, but thanks anyway, Gonzalez
  11. Kerry666


    Now im totally lost. I tried the natit.kext you told me to download, it is still not working. Some wrote about the Prozessor i have, it is HT, i tried with and without ht bot didnt work. I dont think that the problem is in this way, because with my nvidia 6800 there is a Screen and exept the QE and the Resulution all is working. As soon i build in the 3870 it starts, the Apple screnn comes, after a while it gets dark grey, thats it. The problem must be with video, i think But how do i solve it ? Gonzalez
  12. Kerry666


    Its a Intel Pentium D660 with 3,6Ghz and i tried to install with cpu = 1 fix and without, both the same result. hmmm, thinking hmmm, i try to load jas 10.5.5, is there any usenet instead of torrrent ? gonzalez
  13. Kerry666


  14. Kerry666


    Hello there, after stud many weeks this and other forums i had problems with my 6800. I read in the compatible list for the ideneb 10.5.5 that the 3870 works without problems. Just install ideneb 1.3 thats it. So i bought a Asus HD3870. I placed it in my Dell and guess what ? It was easier before. It isnt working. with the ideneb while booting it says. Turn the Computer of with the start button. I tried Kalaway and it continued rebooting immediatly after start , again and again.-x, -v, -c, -f isnt working too. I use a Dell Dimension 5000 Intel 3.6 Ghz ,2GB Ram,Sata HD,Onboard Sound and broadcom network. I tried ideneb 10.5.5 and Kalaway 10.5.2, tried to install Ati drivers and without. With the 6800 it worked, but without QE , so i cant use Progs and Apps that need QE like Time Machine to have this nice scroll in Green Space to backup just single files...... Now after bying a expensive Ati Card just for Leopard OSx86 nothing works ! Can someone help me ? Gonzalez P.S. i read a lot , but im still beginer in this.