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  1. About This Mac Screenshots

    Got 10.4.7 working but finder crashed whenever I went to About This Mac, that got fixed. Sound and LAN both work, nForce board. Also Nvidia 7800GT with macvidia It was a fun process but I just have to stick with Windows and Linux because the SSE3 support does not Work on the AMD X2's. Maybe I'll come back one day
  2. GRUB Error 17

    Yep, Tried installing Ubuntu again same thing. If I can't get anything resolved by tommorow Noon I'm gonna have to Nuke the hard drive. I think I've stumped people with this enough...
  3. GRUB Error 17

    Right, but why would this happen from a Suse live CD that I ran a month or two ago?
  4. GRUB Error 17

    I've been a longtime reader of the Hackintosh section, getting ready to do some work with that. (First post) A while back I put in a SUSE Live CD into my drive and booted up properly. However when I shut it down it failed. Now every time I start up my machine I get: GRUB Loading Stage 1.5 GRUB Loading, Please Wait... Error 17. Earlier today I put an install of Ubuntu on to try and fix it. This failed. Prior to this I tried fixboot and fixmbr from my XP installer, this also failed. But if I put in a bootable CD(XP install or Vista install) it boots just fine, now the ouput looks something like this: So the output looks something like this if I have a bootable CD in: GRUB Loading Stage 1.5 GRUB Loading, Please Wait... Error 17. GRUB Loading Stage 1.5 GRUB Loading, Please Wait... <<Loads Grub with Ubuntu and XP>> If anyone has any ideas, they'd be greatly apreciated. Shane