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  1. I had this once a while ago. Your Chrome install is borked. You should completely remove chrome but before that use its internal cleaning method (Tools / Clear Browsing Data) and clear everything from the beginning of time, then uninstall Chrome and reboot. Then reinstall Chrome. Worked for me. Hope it does for you too.
  2. Hey there, I've had a good search but cannot find anything related to my issue so please excuse this post if the subject has already been covered. I am dual booting Windows 8.1 Pro and Mac OS X ML 10.8.3 (at present). System is as described in my sig. I have an ML 10.8.3 install and have installed chameleon as my boot loader of choice. Problem is, if i use F12 to enter the boot menu and choose the drive Mac OS X is installed on, I am presented with the darwin boot loader and not chameleon. In fact, it doesn't even show the drive Mac OS X is installed on but shows a drive labelled as Windows NTFS which isn't even a disk on my system. Not sure what gives but any advise would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info let me know and I'll see what i can provide. Thanks in advance. Ah I resolved it. Discovered my Mac Partition wasn't active. Marked it as active and all is well again!
  3. kexts dot com under tools
  4. X-Flash makes a bootable USB with the Lion Install DVD (.dmg of the source works fastest). It uses a version of Chameleon that allows to boot on PC. Prepare USB with 1 partition journaled + MBR. USB is ready. Do 'Get Info' and uncheck Ignore Ownership on this Volume (Important). Mount Lion DMG or Install DVD (DVD didn't work for me, only mounted DMG did!) Drag USB Stick onto X-Flash icon and follow prompt. If all is well after some time it will report 'Process Complete'. Quit X-Flash. Next copy all extensions from X-Flash minimum KEXT folder over to your USB extra/extensions. Make your DSDT (optional) Make your SMBIOS.plist (optional) Edit boot.plist for your needs. Reboot and start from your USB drive. Prepare your target drive and format as journaled + GUID partition map. Install Lion on your disk of choice. The final installation boots fine and has Chameleon already on it. That's all i did
  5. Used slightly different method on my Asus P5Q. I used X-Flash for Lion DP from the same site and had a flawless install and fully updated. So far, everything seems to work except sleep, but i don't care for that feature too much anyway. Cheers!
  6. EW-7711UAn 150bps Wireless Dongle

    As an aside to this, if the utility bugs you being open and having to manually close it. You could use a little AppleScript to auto close the utility on startup through your account login items. The script itself is very simple. Tell Application "WirelessUtility" Delay 10 Quit End Tell The name of the Application, in this instance is WirelessUtility, add a small delay to allow it to activate the connection first, then tell it to quit. You may have to play with the delay but i found 10 seconds is fine. Compile it and save as Application in AppleScript and add it to your Login Items as the last item to start under your account. Job done!
  7. Hey, Stumbled across some new drivers for this dongle and can confirm working and auto connection under 10.6.7. It also installs a small tray app for quick access to the settings. I was trying to attach it for your convenience but the system will not allow me to So, it's available at the Ralink site here: Ralink RTUSBD2870 Happy surfin
  8. NVIDIA CUDA 3.1 for MAC release

    Same here, running CUDA Driver Version: 3.1.10 for distributed computing platform. Works like a charm!
  9. Improved Skin Implemented

    Confirmed! Same here.
  10. For one, i've just had to re-register my account so am a little peeved by that right now. Tried to use forgot my password mechanism and it claimed there was no such user! Oh well, back now. About the new layout / theme. The skin looks nice but the typographical choices are abysmal to be perfectly honest. Small font sized emboldened is an usability nightmare imho. If you were to set the fonts to normal instead that would be an improvement for readability / usability issues. Other than that this theme in particular is nicely crafted. Maybe the ads could be more discreet. Nice to have the choice Quick edit: Using FF 3.06 bold fonts = fugly. In IE7 looks better. Safari good but bold fonts noticeable again. Opera 9.62 looks good. Also didn't mean to sound harsh if it came over that way