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  1. 9a410 leaked

    Well, the nova seeder was from insanelymac! If you reading this, can you end the seed? Everyone is at 72.4 %....thank's
  2. Hello. I've osx on a external usb hard drive (copyed from internal hd. Now erased). Titan was installed. Network working. AppleVIAATA configured. Just not sound. When I haved the install on internal hdd, everything was working ok, CI and QE too. Now, I've erased the internal hard drive installation, so, for booting the usb I'm using the install dvd. The problem is, when starting he loads the Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext from the dvd, not the usb drive. So I haven't titan, or network. How can I make it loading the extensions from the hard drive and not the dvd when booting? Thank's in advance Xanix
  3. Hello. My Amd system based on Jas 10.4.8 was working good. Installed Jas dvd, Titan and everyting was ok. Quadro FX 3000 recogniced but no CI or QE. So, as I needed Apple Aperture, I tried to install the Natit Uni pkg. System boots ok, but, when going to the login windows it goes black! I know that the system and the card are working but the screen stay's black. I'm going to reinstall everithing. But I want/need CI and QE working... Can anyone explain to a real noob the right way to install natit and have CI and QE working on a Nvidia Quadro 3000? Thank's in advance for the help. Xanix
  4. AMD-8111 AC'97

    Hello. I've installed the latest Jas 10.4.8 release for AMD. Video is working, network and PATA. I'm only having problems geting sound working! My audio is an AMD-8111 AC'97 chip. VEND=1022 and DEV=746d. I've already tryed every AC97 that I've found on the board. None worked! Has anyone wit the same chip managed to get audio working? Any help wold be apreciated. Xanix
  5. Hello. I've a Quadro FX 3000 too. It's runing wit Titan right now, but I dont have CI or QE enabled. Please, can you post wat and how did you installed the drivers for the 3000 enabling CI and QE? Thank's in advance Xanix
  6. MacFUSE 0.1 Released

    Didn't work for me. I've managed this... do shell script "sudo -K" do shell script ¬ "df -k /Volumes/*;umount /Volumes/Windows;disktool -r;mkdir /Volumes/Windows;usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/disk1s2 /Volumes/Windows -o ping_diskarb,volname=\"Windows\"" password "YOU'RE PASSWORD HERE" with administrator privileges do shell script "sudo -K"
  7. MacFUSE 0.1 Released

    Thank's. It worked. How can I make a script of it??? Xanix
  8. New 12" MacBook Pro "Ultra-Thin"?

    Thank's for thant info. I was really wating for it too! I haven't bought a new mac notebook yet, because I wanted an ultra portable one for high mobility. Now I can retire my beloved pb g4 12". Regards, Xanix
  9. Falha no shift

    Olá. Bom, o que está a descrever não acontece no meu computador. Talvez possa ser do teclado utilizado! Cumprimentos, Xanix
  10. script for Verbose Booting

    Thank you. That was done it! Scripts done and working. Best regards, Xanix
  11. Hello. I wanted to make a script for activating Verbose Booting but it doesn't accept " on the end. The script was like this: tell application "Terminal" do script "sudo /usr/sbin/nvram boot-args="-v"" do shell script "sudo -K" end tell and this one: tell application "Terminal" do script "sudo /usr/sbin/nvram boot-args=""" do shell script "sudo -K" end tell The problem is that I can't place " on the end! Whou can I make it work? Thank's in advance Best regards, Xanix
  12. Hello. Recently I've bought a 2º and xserve g4 for serving files here, at home. I only have created 2 accounts. An administrator and a normal user. I've already installed some web admin plugins for the programs I want to run on it. How can I start and stop those programs without loggin in to osx? Right now I'm using Apple remote desktop and a vnc client to loggin in and access as admin the server. Best regards, Xanix
  13. Hello to all. I just wanted to know if anyone as some info about a possible release of an 12" macbook pro. Now I have a 12" Powerbook that I really like because it is really small. The new intel models are ok, but, they're only 15" and 17". Today, I just found some info about the posible release on Christmas 2006 of an 12" model. Can someone confirm it? As anyone some "real" info? Best regards, Xanix
  14. Myzar 10.4.7 update for AMD where?

    Thank you for the info but, there are no seeders?!? Anyone willing to seed? Thank's Xanix
  15. Hello to all. Where can I find the update for AMD? I've tried in TPB but, no one is seeding it. Can someone share it on demonoid? Thank's Xanix