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  1. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    Hey all, is there any update on the gobi wwan drivers for us american vaio p users with the VZ card? Alex
  2. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    any luck with the gobi wwan yet?? i will pay!!
  3. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    any luck with gobi wwan anyone?
  4. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    galb-do you have wwan working? and if so, is it EVDO? thanks, alex
  5. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    we should start a paypal fund for whoever can get the verizon evdo card working. I've got $10 on it $10 for sleep functionality too!
  6. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    aw, why edit?
  7. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    I'm still trying to get things going for wwan, and I'm unsure how to install the brightness kexts. I installed the wwan kext, and put in the globetrotter sw and it says no card found. I have the verizon EVDO card.. anyone get evdo working?
  8. first off, let me say what an AMAZING community this has turned out to be! now that were done with the , i'd like to ask a question: my client wants mac os x on a sony vaio TX notebook (a VGN-TX770P/B to be exact) it can be seen here: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....me=hid_tx_specs before he goes and drops $2600 + tax on one, i'd like to ask if there will be any major problems installing a 10.4.6 install JaS dvd (prepatched, its a 10.4.6 install 4.xx gig image from the umentionable site everyone uses) will the wireless built into the vaio work is probably the most important question, as well as will it take the vaio's strange screen resolution? will there be any massive driver conflicts? is osx86 super unstable? thanks in advance for your help!