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  1. Clover won't start with DVD drive

    Racemus Have you figure it out yet? I can hot connect the dvd drive and works but clover won't boot with it. First time running into this. Let me know if you have figure out why. Thanks a bunch
  2. Clover won't start with DVD drive

    Same thing is happening to me. I have to unplug my dvd drive to boot to installer.
  3. I can confirm to the real MLB/ROM from real Mac as well. It was working perfectly fine and I have called Apple 4 times to unblock without luck. I use my macbook air MLB/ROM in clover keeping everything the same, restart and iMessage/facetime working now!! Matt, Do you edit the config.plst with Text Editor or Clover Configurator? iMessageDebug doesn't save anything, it just read what clover booted with. LT
  4. Asus EAH 5850 3 ports working

    jsl, How do you patch that file? I can only get DVI working on my Asus 5870 on Uakari, it detect VGA for monitor I connect via HDMI to DVI. Please help. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am brand new to MAC and interest in installing it on my NW8440 as well. Can you provide a more detail instruction email me all the kext files you mentioned to make the system work please? Thanks so much V