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  1. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    I have a Intel 5100 AGN as well on my HP DV& notebook. Since there is a Linux driver out now, I hope it can be ported soon. I don't mind not have Internet for now, but I would like it soon.
  2. Hi, I am new here but I have been reading on this forum for a long time and have been wanting to do this for about a year now. I have a new laptop, a HP DV7 1025nr. It has some pretty interesting features, like dual head phones, and a built in microphone array. I made a report of my system's hardware using System Information for Windows. I have attached that to this post. I still find all this a bit confusing and would like some advice. I have a 10.5.6 dvd coming sometime next week. I would like to use as close to vanilla as possible, so I can update it. I was thinking of using the new boot 132 method. Will this method work for my hardware? Do I need extra .kexts? Do I need to replace some of the mac .kexts? Can I just add new ones like you have kernel modules with Linux? Will I just need to put all the modules with the boot loader? Which ones do I need? Anything I need to be aware of with my hardware? Like does some of it not work right ever with Mac OS? Will I be able to get the HP Webcam working and the dual audio? I can put some time in to it to make it work. Are there any other questions about the hardware I have that I have't asked and should ask? I am really new to this and would like to do everything correctly. Also, I would like to dual boot my PC with Vista, so I am assuming that I can't use the GUID partitioning scheme? I have Vista x64. I am ddoing this now as a practice for when 10.6 is released. I would like to update to the 64 bit version of that. Thanks. dv7_1025nr.html